106 YO Granny from India is the World’s Oldest Youtuber!


Matured 106, Karre Mastanamma, referred to lovingly as ‘granny’, has become the world’s most established YouTuber, with her extensive open customary cooking recordings on a YouTube channel called Country Foods. In a limited ability to focus time, her channel has accumulated very nearly 700,000 endorsers from inside and outside India.

Situated in a little town named Gudivada, in the province of Andhra Pradesh, Mastanamma surprised the web after her incredible grandson posted recordings on YouTube of her cooking mouth-watering neighbourhood luxuries.

She concocts an assortment of dishes reasonable for veggie lovers and meat-eaters the same. Her one of a kind and original plans highlight customary cooking systems, which upgrade the types of the meal.

Utilizing a wooden stove amidst paddy fields, she uses the freshest fixings accessible in the open country. From watermelon chicken and bamboo chicken biryani to egg dosa and emu egg fry, she makes all from scratch, leaving nourishment enthusiasts hungry to pursue themselves. She has even given a ‘rural provincial’ wind toward the western dishes, similar to French Fries and the KFC chicken burger.

She gives guidelines while cooking, and even splits jokes and offers stories about her childhood, family and energy for the culinary expressions. This makes her recordings all the more fascinating to watch.

Even though ‘granny’ battles with her visual perception, this hasn’t deflected her from making delightful dishes for her family, residents and her YouTube fans. At 106, she is autonomous, brimming with life and excessively dynamic; she despite everything works in paddy fields, does all the family tasks without anyone else, and lives alone in her covered hovel while her family members remain nearby.

Her YouTube channel Country Foods was set up by her incredible grandson, K Laxman and his companion Srinath Reddy. Laxman shoots the video and Reddy makes the alters. She rose to distinction soon after the arrival of her first video, turning into a YouTube sensation with a gigantic fan following in just only months. Her recordings have figured out how to clock a large number of perspectives.

Each video gets hundreds and thousands of remarks – a demonstration of the amount she is adored over the world, and most of her endorsers are from India, the USA, UK, Malaysia and Pakistan. Only a couple of months prior, on April 10, 2017, she praised her 106th birthday celebration, and monstrous love poured in for her from all sides of the globe. Granny was cheerful to get everybody’s warm wishes.

As is commonly said, ‘age is only a number’. Mastanamma demonstrates it.


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