5 commoners who became internet sensations overnight

Kacha Badam

If we talk about social media, 21st century is completely and wholly obsessed with the internet and social media attention. Over millions of videos and photos are posted on the internet every day, but not many are fortunate enough to gain traction and recognition. Yet few of them, do manage to catch the eyes of the audience for the weirdest of reasons. The year 2020 and 2021 has gone in complete lockdown providing enough opportunity to scroll through Facebook and Instagram each day. Thus, the people who get recognized on social media become internet sensations overnight!

Speaking of which, what’s the mantra of becoming viral? well, to be accurate- there isn’t one. The people who gain recognition overnight, in reality, weren’t even targeted for it. It’s obvious that in order to be a content creator one should go above the algorithms, but that’s not the case every time. For example, ‘bachpan ka pyaar’ boy became a sensation for a song that wasn’t even intended to be one!

In this list, let’s know about ordinary Indians who became viral on the internet for the most bizarre of reasons.

Sahadev Dirdo – ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’

A small kid from Chhatisgarh first went viral last year when a video of him was posted casually singing bachpan ka Pyaar to his teachers in a classroom. None of them even imagined that this casual video would make him a star! Celebrities such as Rapper Badshah to Niharika NM and Ruhee Dosani made him a star in no time. As if this wasn’t enough, he was even praised by people all over the world providing him scholarships to even fancy cars. Recently, he got into an accident when the motorcycle on which he was riding skidded on the road in Chhattisgarh. The boy is stable now and Badshah shared that he was in touch with the boy’s family the whole time. Now, this in itself is an incredible feat for a 10-year-old kid! isn’t it?

Bhuban Badyakar- ‘Kacha Badam’

It’s a common sight on the streets of India where local salesmen sing different kinds of songs to attract customers to buy their stuff. A peanut seller from West Bengal has recently gone viral after a song he had composed to sell peanuts was uploaded on social media. He had composed a song to sell raw peanuts, which was recorded by several people and uploaded on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram Reels. Since then, many people have remixed the song and uploaded it on social media. The song that Bhuban Badyakar wrote and composed, was initially targeted to attract customers yet it also made him an overnight celebrity in no time.

Dananeerr Mobeen- ‘Pawry Horhi hai’

Who can forget Pawry girl of 2020!? Since her video went viral, the Pakistani girl not only became famous in India but around the world. People all over the world started a meme fest and were coming up with their own versions of the ‘pawri ho rhi hai’ song. Even the famous YouTuber Yash Mukhate remixed the song and gave it a whole new vibe! She has gained over five lakh fans on Instagram. Pawri Ho Rahi Hai was a crazy viral trend on social media last year and big giants including Netflix and Zomato also contributed to it by sharing their own version of memes. Nonetheless, the random vacay video of Dananeerr indeed was the biggest hit of 2020!

Kanta Prasad – Baba Ka Dhaba

The pall of gloom that 2020 bought to Kanta Prasad was the biggest on our list. His teary eye video posted on YouTube became the most heartwarming moment of the year. Owner of a small food van named – Baba Ka Dhaba, Prasad and his wife Badami Devi hit the headlines last year in October in a video posted by YouTuber Gaurav Wasan. In the video, Prasad with teary eyes narrated his ordeal of losing a source of income during the pandemic and appealed to netizens to help him. But what happened later wasn’t just a simple help, in fact, his account was flooded with Lakhs of rupees in just a few days and within the next month, Prasad opened a new restaurant.

Unfortunately, the fame didn’t go well with the elderly couple and the restaurant shut down after failing to attract customers. He even lodged a complaint against the YouTuber Gaurav Wasan who initially posted his video and said that he has been misappropriating his funds. As this wasn’t enough, Baba once again hit headlines a few months earlier for attempting suicide.

Man in the viral Baghpat video

A video of two groups fighting over customers for chaat in Uttar Pradesh has gone viral, but one man among the two groups lavished the most attention. Harendra, dubbed by social media users as chacha became the key attraction all over the world. Thanks to his henna-streaked hair, he has been called by several names like ‘Einstein’ and some even compared him to Boman Irani’s ‘virus’ character he played in 3 Idiots. The fight started over customers occurred between two chaat vendors and their families in Baraut. Eight people had been arrested after the incident, including Harendra.


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