A love story not so typical- blooming tale of Radha Krishna!

Love stories always seem to interest the majority of people especially the ones that give out a story or a lesson that one can carry for a lifetime. One that intrigues us the most is the romantic tale of Radha and Krishna, a story that can bring joy as well as tears to your eyes. To say it bluntly, Radha and Krishna were so darn in love that even their names have combined into one. Now, isn’t that just crazy?! But who actually were they and why their love is so idolized? Let’s take a tour down the tragic yet beautiful story of Radha and Krishna.

A love story so enchanting that will dwell tears down your cheeks:

Krishna is recognized as the eight incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu also as a supreme god in his own right according to Hindu Mythology. Krishna has played a major role in the battle of Mahabharata and served as a “saarthi’ for Arjuna. Whereas Radha is recognized as the goddess of love and the supreme consort of Lord Krishna. She is also known to be the head of the ‘Gopis’ (milkmaids) as Pradhan Gopika. The story started during their childhood days.

One day Vrishbhanu was bathing in a river near his home and saw a huge lotus with thousands of petals. It was glowing like gold under the sunlight, on coming nearer he saw a baby girl inside that lotus. He and his wife always wanted a daughter, thus took Radha and brought her up as their own. It is believed that Radha didn’t opened her eyes for eleven months, which made the couple believe that their daughter was blind. But miracle happened! On one occasion, Vrishbhanu with his family went to Gokul to meet Nandbaba and only then Radha for the first time opened her eyes to look at the charming face of her love- lord Krishna. She wanted to see his face first on opening her eyes, that’s the reason she never opened them until then. And from there began their journey of love, separation and sorrows. A place where she would usually meet Krishna was Gahvar van. There they would spend hours together in love, Krishna would decorate her hairs with flowers and then adore her beauty. Their love bloomed in Vrindavan where they performed many ‘leelas’ and ‘Maha rass leelas’ together. They would dance, sing and spend their entire day together. It was like fairy tale for them, but soon the bad luck stared taking shape, when Krishna was about to leave Mathura to kill Kamsa. But before leaving the love of his life, Krishna asked for a promise. He asked Radha her word that she won’t cry once he is away.


After the Krishna left, Radha was devastated but in order to keep her words, she never cried. Radha became like soulless person, once blooming girl was now like a dead person. Before her complexion resembles like gold but now it turned black. She stopped getting ready, wearing any jewelry or even putting flowers on her hair (which Krishna loved). The loss of her loved one made her life empty just like a broken pot but there wasn’t much she could have done. It is believed that on one occasion, all the Gopa and Gopis went to Kurukshetra for a holy bath. It was a solar eclipse and Krishna along with his wives and clan was also present. There, after a long time of separation Radha and Krishna came face to face with each other but due to odd circumstances couldn’t say a word. On seeing her beloved, Radha couldn’t hold on anymore and burst into tears. Radha saw how happy his wives were and she didn’t want to disturb their peace or cause a scene, so kept silence. Krishna on seeing his profusely crying lover became devastated, unfortunately he could not do anything. In actuality the one suffering more was Krishna himself, as Radha has the liberty of showing her emotions but for Krishna he has to keep smiling in order to keep his wives and people happy. His smile might belong to his people and everyone else but his pain was only for Radha and this was enough to prove how deeply they were in love.

Another interesting story tells that once Radha went to visit Krishna at his palace. Krishna’s wives after knowing about her love and devotion tried to take a test. They served Radha with the hottest food and asked her to eat it. Radha without a second thought ate all of it. And when Krishna’s wives went to see him, they witnessed that his feet were severely burnt! What was the reason? Quite clear!

Though Krishna has a lot of wives including Rukmini but his heart always belonged to Radha. That’s the reason why today Rukmini isn’t worshipped along Krishna but Radha is. Most people question, when Krishna was so in love why didn’t he married her? According many legends Krishna had a responsibility to lead a kingdom and had duties to fulfill. That’s why he never got married to Radha. Maybe you won’t understand that love isn’t just about being married or spending life together. Love is being connected from the soul just like Radha and Krishna and that’s exactly the reason why even today people still call out there name together. There is no Krishna without Radha and no Radha without Krishna, they completed each other. And love is exactly that. Their selfless love for each other is an everlasting flame that will continue to burn ever after!     

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