Safiyya Riyadh,breast milk jewellery

A Mother Of Three Uses Breast Milk To Make Jewellery!

The coronavirus pandemic has put many people in quarantine. People were practicing self-isolation and social distancing which made them indulge in several indoor activities they wouldn’t have done otherwise. Since the lockdown, many small businesses have opened, and several others stand in line. People are trying different things, some weird while some useful. Arts and crafts were also one of the best ways people practiced during this lockdown, like jewellery making. While one could have thought of jewellery made of paper, plastic, waste, and even eatables, have you ever imagined a piece of jewellery made from Breast milk?

As crazy as it may sound, the demand for breast milk jewellery is increasing.

Though the idea of breast milk jewellery may seem weird to us, a woman from London has made it possible. The mother of three, Safiyya Riyadh along with her husband runs a company named Magenta Flowers. The company aims at preserving special occasion flowers and turning them into precious keepsakes. Starting its operation back in 2019, the duo has delivered more than 4,000 orders up until now. Magenta Flowers has now expanded their wings into a new business of breast milk jewellery.

Wear your motherhood with pride, with our breastmilk jewellery! ~ says Safiyya Riyadh with Magenta Flowers.

Safiyya Riyadh,breast milk jewellery

For mothers, the breastfeeding journey has an emotional ride that they want to remember for a lifetime. With Magenta Flowers, their experience of motherhood could be stored in jewellery as a souvenir. The couple is working with several mothers in preserving their breast milk into jewellery to “memorialize their breastfeeding journey.”  Customers need to provide at least 30 ml of milk to get it preserved into valuable gems. This milk can then be preserved as pendants, bracelets, earrings, or even charms. She can even make stones in multiple shapes and sizes.

A lot of research has gone into work before the plan could fully function. They studied several formulas before finding the right one to preserve breast milk into precious stones. It is also important the milk retains its original color; thus, the duo uses a method of dehydrating the milk and then combining it with high-quality non-yellowing resin so that the milk could remain clear for a long time.

The niche market for breastmilk accessories and other products like soaps, creams, and even ice creams has widened recently, especially in the West.  Several homegrown brands and shops sell DIY kits for individuals to create their jewellery at home without actually providing their breast milk to someone else. Not just breast milk, people nowadays are even making pieces with a child’s first tooth or a lock of hair.

Also keeping breastmilk as a souvenir is not for everyone and some may find this idea odd but parents who have experienced this journey and are hoping for something to remember their child’s early steps now can honestly find something to keep safe for a lifetime. Thus, it’s a perfect gift for those who truly want to keepsake these personal memories of parenthood.  

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