A must stay hotel for LGBTI travelers!

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Being a traveler is an immensely cool job and why not? You got to explore different-different places. And hence they have several hotels located on various spots for them as well. And these hotels offers amazing interiors and soothing environment that suits them the most. Some hotels are theme based like the Planet Hollywood Beach Resort in Goa, which as its name suggest is a Hollywood themed resort. Similarly there’s another hotel which offers incredible experience and is especially made for LGBTI travelers. Hotel HUES partner with the Pride Circle, is a preferred destination for the LGBTI community from across the globe.

In the heart of Rajasthan, this hotel of Bikaner has an environment focusing on the needs of LGBTI community. At HUES, they are trying to create safer spaces and curative trips for the LGBTI community in a way that makes them feel comfortable, without compromising on any of the travel experiences that our country sadly had offered so far. Here one can get an amazing living conditions and an experience worth remembering. They offers atmosphere which are of LGBTI-centric interests, history, culture, events, and spaces. One cool thing about this hotel is that one can customize itinerary that they desire to have like romantic interior or luxurious country feel- they have something for everyone. They organize solo trips, family treks, and group travel with strangers and gatherings to make your journey full of adventure and fun. Some trips include journey to Delhi – Khajuraho – Agra, Jaipur – Udaipur – Jodhpur or Bodhgaya – Sarnath – Dharamshala. And when we talk about the whips it offers- then it’s limitless! They help you interact with the local artisans of the area or the farming community, go on a birding or wildlife ride, visit nearby havelis and monuments, go on a jeep safari through the desert where various animals can be spotted in their natural habitat- in short a complete package which every traveler desires for. They also organizes camps, born-fires, dances, plays and guitarist which is similar to that of a cherry on the cake. It gives you an offbeat travel experience of India. The delicacies of the hotel are well cooked and taste heaven. They also take care about the mandatory hygiene conditions so that one can get home like experience.

How it all started?

Hotel HUES is a hotel sponsored by the Unhotel. So the success journey of Shilpi Singh, owner of Unhotel is nothing extraordinary but just a journey of love and passion. In 2009, when she moved from Bombay to Gurgaon, she was in a need of job. But looking for a good job in such a fast city was not an easy task. She found a largish villa that became the first of the Unhotels – ‘Cinnamon Stays’ – a bed & breakfast in concrete Gurgaon. In 2014, Cinnamon was ranked 15th amongst all homestays in India by Tripadvisor. And since then there is no looking back for her. Today she has 50 above oddly themes hotels working with her and sharing their stories together. 

Coming back to Hotel HUES- It let you live the story you want to tell and lastly as the company says that-

“At HUES, we paint the world with every colour of happiness, love, and life.” 

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