Aghoris – The One’s Who Eat from the Leftovers


One of the glorifying and iconic symbols of India in many parts of the west, they are worshiped, and they frowned upon and commanded fear and respect both among the ones who surround them. There we are talking about Aghoris, and they are the small groups of ascetic Shaiva sadhus, who are predominantly found in the parts of Varanasi. Aghoris have been continuously memorizing mundane around the globe for their frightening and mysterious lifestyle. They often dwell in charnel grounds and use cremation ashes of the human body for several rituals.

Unlike other Sadhus, Aghoris are vigorous and furious as they pray the fury Rudra, the idol of Lord Shiva. Let’s talk about the top 15 of the fascinating facts about the life of Aghoris, which will leave you with something more than you bargained for.

15 fascinating facts about Aghoris and their lifestyle:

1. The Aghori – Who Lived Up To 150 Years

In following the historical backdrop of Aghoris, we will find that the absolute first Aghori, who set out the establishment of the lives for future Aghoris, was Kina Ram. As per urban legend, he satisfied 150 years and kicked the bucket during the second 50% of the eighteenth century. 

2. No to Haircut 


They let their hair develop to lengths while never making a big deal about the need to trim it. Rapunzel, you have rivalry there, young lady!

3. Shiva Is the Epitome of Perfection

Aghoris accept that Shiva is Absolute and supremacy, ubiquity, and omniscience. As indicated by them, whatever occurs in this universe, happens as a result of Shiva. Among the female gods, Kali is the holiest structure for them. 

4. The Revenge of Tailanga swami 

One of the most outstanding Aghoris to ever live, Tailanga swami was slapped and launched out from Kashi Viswanath sanctuary by a cleric when he saw him adoring Lord Shiva with his excreta. As indicated by urban legend, the neighborhood ruler of Banaras found in his fantasy that the Aghori who was offended in the sanctuary was a resurrection of Lord Shiva himself. What’s more, before you know it, the cleric passed on under baffling conditions.

5. Cure for All Diseases

Aghoris guarantee that they have the drug for the deadliest of the infections that we have today, even AIDS and malignant growth. These meds, which are alluded to as ‘Human oils’ by them, are gathered from the consuming fire after a dead body is singed. Notwithstanding the fact, that not tried logically, as per Aghoris, they are profoundly successful. 

6. Endurance in Extreme Weathers 

From snow-clad mountains to hot deserts to tiger-pervaded wildernesses, Aghoris are known to live in places where no other individual are known to endure. 

7. They Find Purity In Filthiness 

For Aghoris, nothing is polluted or awful or tarnished. As indicated by them, if you can focus on God even while doing the most distorted acts, at that point, you reach as one with God.

8. Meditating Process:

Aghoris are believed to meditate While Sitting On A Corpse In A Cemetery and that would take the guts out of many around the world’s significant population who claim to do most activities which Agorism perform but when it comes to really stand upon they can’t even think of the way Aghoris live their life and follow these magnifying rituals and disconnecting themselves from the outer materialistic world.  

9. Born as an Aghori:

It is believed by many that all human beings are born as Aghori, and the same is being considered by the Aghoris also. One can see themselves this that the newborn child doesn’t know how to distinguish between his face, dirt around him, toys or other mundane things, and it is often seen that the kid can only be identified between these materialistic bases only after they are being introduced by their parents and the society around them. When the infants grow up and make his/her choices and willingly choose a materialistic basis. They only lose the traits of being Aghori; otherwise, the child, if taught well, can learn that he/she is a born Aghori not made after being sent to this mundane world.

10. Acceptance of Nakedness

When it comes to being naked and not being ashamed of it, Aghoris have no qualms in being this way, as they consider clothes and other accessories as minimalistic clothes, and they don’t want them to connect with this not so good facility made by humans. Majorly Aghoris are seen naked, and sometimes they are seen covering their body parts with the bones of the dead human body or by the ashes from the dead bodies once they are burnt on a pyre. 

11. No to Hatred

Aghoris have an arrangement of no disdain towards any animal or thing. They accept that one who detests can’t ruminate or reach ‘Moksha.’ Indeed, that is an exercise we can take from them. We, who consistently search for motivations to loathe others, regardless of whether dependent on strict perspectives, skin shading, etymological decisions, political methodologies, sexual direction, sex, race, and so forth. 

12. Adornments? They Have Got A Skull-Bowl For It 

Presently, that is a design proclamation which would keep you alert in the night! 

13. The ‘Left Way’ Of Reaching God 


They accept the ‘left approach’ to arrive at God is faster and powerful than the customary ‘right hand’, albeit less number of individuals has the guts to do it. 

14. Unthinkable Sexual Practices 

They think engaging in sexual relations amidst dead bodies offers to ascend to extraordinary forces. The ladies’ accomplices are additionally spread in cinders of the dead, and the sexual demonstration happens while drums and pounded advertisement mantras are recited. They ensure that no ladies are compelled to have intercourse with them and that the ladies must discharge while the demonstration goes on. 

15. Eating the Dead 

Presently, when you practice barbarianism in a city like Varanasi, wherein any event, eating non-veggie lover nourishment is still disapproved of, you realize you carry an issue to yourself. In any case, shockingly, significantly in the wake of expending human meat in broad daylight, no specific move is made against them. This may be because they eat dead social fragile living creatures and not execute anybody to eat them.


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