Ajay Bijli – Man Behind Multiplex PVR Cinemas!


Watching films in performance centers has a vibe. Indeed, even with the ascent of OTT stages like Netflix, Amazon prepare have not lost their appeal. Beat the night shows at the end of the week or viewing a recently delivered film the majority of us appreciate it. In India, with the greatest number of multiplexes PVR films is that brand name that has changed the film-watching experience of the majority in the nation. Be that as it may, would you say you are mindful of the individual behind its beginning?

The Success Story of Ajay Bijli

In this article, we will illuminate the excursion of Mr. Ajay Bijli, the author administrator and MD of the PVR gathering. An individual who has to end up being a pioneer for changing the possibility of diversion through motion pictures for Indians.

Early life And Education

Ajay Bijli is known to be bashful in nature and is a wellness crack who likes to play cricket. Brought into the world on ninth February 1967, he finished his lone rangers in the trade from Delhi University. He at that point acquired a postgraduate certificate in administration from Harvard school. Ajay had a place with a wealthy business family. Henceforth, he knew about the business world since his youth.

Indeed, he began to work at the youthful age of 22 by giving some assistance in his dad’s vehicle business, Amritsar Transport Company. He began to work with his dad with full devotion yet before long understood that it wasn’t something he was enthusiastic about.

Being a loyal child, he didn’t examine this with his dad and kept on working for his thriving privately-run company. He knew the vehicle business was not his enthusiasm but rather was uncertain at first so he chose to stand by. It was after he got hitched that he accumulated the gut to talk about accomplishing something all alone. All things considered, he wasn’t certain of where and how to begin however soon an open door rang his entryways.


He went over a business that was obtained by his dad before. It was the Priya Cinema arranged in Delhi. Priya’s film was not progressing nicely and was beaten by its friends. Ajay chose to take up this venture and this is the manner by which his excursion in this field took a launch.

At the point when he assumed control over the Priya film, he did broad exploration about the market just as what individuals like to see. He took a risk and chose to screen English films in Priya films when individuals were generally into Hindi motion pictures.

At, a similar time he figured out how to interface with some Hollywood studios as well. Ajay felt that prior to whatever else Priya film required a makeover. So it tends to be speaking to the crowd and the Hollywood studios he associated with. He got the insides changed introduced Dolby sound frameworks et cetera. All things considered, these progressions worked for the Priya film.

In any case, as is commonly said, no one can really tell what life has coming up for you. The unexpected death of his dad and afterward a fire at his dad’s vehicle business made things a great deal hard for Ajay both monetarily and inwardly. At the point when his dad died, he was making an honest effort to oversee both Priya film and the vehicle business. Be that as it may, the abrupt mishappening of fire at the vehicle business not long after compounded the situation.

Yet, Ajay like a resilient individual battled the circumstance with full fearlessness. He talked about beginning the multiplexes in India with his mom. During that time multiplex was another idea for the Indian crowd. Yet, having seen it abroad, he realized it could work here. The main million-dollar question was the place where to begin. In this way, he originally chose to do finish research and went over a town roadshow that was discovering its way to the Indian market around a similar time. Immediately, he met the MD of town roadshow and prevailing with regards to striking an arrangement that brought forth a joint endeavor Priya Village Road Show that is additionally called PVR.

At the point when the Priya town roadshow or PVR began. There were vulnerabilities encompassing this business. Mr. Ajay had no choice except to keep a watch out for how India’s crowd reacts to the possibility of more modest screens. All things considered, the idea worked, and with that, he began to grow his business in and around Delhi. Individuals emphatically acknowledged undeniable film corridors with great administrations.

While Ajay was caught up with growing his PVR business a few different issues came his direction. One such issue around the time was the 9/11 assault in the U.S.

Followed by which town roadshow needed to exit from India. Ajay has stuck once more. On one hand, he had put capital in the extension ventures of PVR then again, he needed to subsidize the exit or town roadshow.

All things considered, Ajay is a man who doesn’t have the expression surrender connected to his word reference. He chose to look for direction from his coach and companion Sunil Mittal the man behind Bharti airtel.


Sunil Mittal recommended him to thump on the entryways of private value players and Ajay did as exhorted. All things considered, his concern got comprehended as he could raise the required assets and with that, his business was directly in the groove again.

At long last, in 2006, PVR dispatched its IPO. From that point forward the forceful development received by Ajay Bijli with some unrivaled and one of its sort thoughts transforms PVR into a brand name. PVR Pictures, which is a film arm of PVR has delivered a portion of the blockbuster motion pictures like Tarre Zameen Par, Golmaal Returns, Omkara, Sarkar Raj, and so forth It is the biggest autonomous wholesaler for Hollywood films in India.


Actually, Mr. Ajay Bijli is the man, who acquainted Indian masses with a superior encounter of watching motion pictures, giving another definition to a diversion through film. He’s been compensated with numerous honors to give some examples Ernst and youthful innovative honors, Signature youth symbol, The Theater world newsmaker of the year grant, Franchise grant, and so forth

In this way, all the sprouting business people out there, you would all be able to take in extraordinary exercises from the excursion and business abilities of Mr. Ajay Bijli. He might have picked his tremendous privately-owned company to proceed with yet he didn’t go down the traditional way. He found enthusiasm for his own and transformed it into a gigantic endeavor. Expectation you love this moving story of Mr. Ajay Bijli.


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