Bhadaas café- India’s first anger management café!

Bhadaas café

A Chinese proverb says that “If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.”

Anger holds more power to destruct than weapons! And in order to prevent such things, the art of anger management came into existence. Anger management is a psychotherapy system used to prevent and control anger. What causes anger? Maybe frustration, feeling blocked or thwarted, actually nothing can justify what causes anger instead it’s a spontaneous response of anything that might not be pleasing. Anger management helps anger to be a motivation caused by an identifiable reaction! Let’s say it’s a more logical response. Unfortunately these techniques takes a lot of time and sometimes we just can’t wait! But you might not be aware of a new technique that just came into process which is none other than a café! Yes! You heard it right, Indore now is all set to release anger in a profusely weird and eccentric manner. India’s first anger management café, the Bhadaas café is an amazing piece of art where one can frequently visit just to vent out their anger.

What’s inside Bhadaas café?     

Wife problems? Kid troubles? Family clashes? Be it anything, we got your back because heyyy- your one step stop solution is the Bhadaas Café. Not because food lightens mood and brightens a day but because here you can break, chatter and smash just like your own version of Hulk! Here you can get aggressive and break things with a smirk to take out all your Bhadaas and why not? At home we are always bound to shatter because it hurts but at Bhadaas café things are meant to be demolished may be that’s why it is also known as India’s first anger management café. The Bhadaas café is full of breakable stuff like glasses, tables and bottles. This get even more interesting as the café also offers even computer, televisions to even vacuum cleaners!

Okay wait! There is more to this. The best part of all is that you have a separate room where you can scream until your lungs give out. And when you are done with this, you can always rescue your hunger as this place is good for quick bites like sandwiches, cupcakes and shakes.

Basically the Bhadaas cafe is divided into two separate sections. One sections holds the destruction zone or better your age of Ultron battle ground! Just scream, shatter and shout! Whereas the other section is your hunger paradise, offer beverages and relax like a boss. Now, what else do we want? Bhadaas Cafe’s owner Atul Malikram says that the youth today doesn’t know how to deal and cope up with angers and sometimes the results are fatal, that is why they came up with this unique idea as an art of anger management. And we cannot agree more as the India’s student suicide rates are raging and we are witnessing an era of depressed people.  

“We are aiming at launching 49 branches of the cafe across India by the end of December 2018. We are yet to launch full meals and we’re planning to keep organic food. Our aim is to help you detox your body along with calming your mind.” says Mr. Malikram.  

Bhadaas cafe additionally too promotes the digital detox and thus all the gadgets the customer is carrying are confiscated by the cafe till the time they are there. Another money trick bizarre as it is! Well, the basic feel of the café resembles to ‘The Anger Room’ which is a place located in Dallas where people can lash out their anger and frustration. A woman from Texas has created this amazing “Anger Room” where, for a price, you can destroy the room’s contents to release your fist! It is a safe place where visitors can take out their frustrations without any judgment. Chandra Nagar, Barfanidham Road, Indore is where you can head if you are a resident of Indore. The Bhadaas Café now also has its franchise in Delhi NCR known as the ‘Break Room.’ according to the owner the chain will soon reach Ahmedabad, Nasik, Chandigarh and Bhopal as well. Irritating, Frustrated, and Humiliated- break things and burn out your frustrations only at The Bhadaas café!   


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