China to India: not to call Covid-19 a Chinese virus!

chinese virus

COVID-19 comes with unseen challenges and unpredictable future. With cases developing worldwide, commercial enterprise leaders are scrambling to cope with a wide variety of trouble this virus has caused, from slumping income and stalling deliver chains to maintaining employees health and ensuring they are able to preserve working. The whole world today is at standstill and facing this pandemic together. Lives has taken, economies collapsed and millions under lockdown, covid-19 surely has created its own history. Among all this, one question that seems to bother all of us is that- Where did this virus came from? While many claim that it is natural pandemic, there lies others who simply can’t seem to fathom with the statement. With President Donald Trump calling covid-19 as Chinese virus, the Indians too have agreed to this. Twitter comes at toll where #Chinesevirus becomes the top trending wire and the tweets are overflowing!

Well, China has now come out to India asking not to call Covid-19 as Chinese virus, But how many of us seems to believe this?

China on Tuesday has asked India now not to apply the term Chinese virus while referring to the coronavirus, and said that it is able to stigmatize them and damage worldwide relationships. Beijing has strongly objected to the terms “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan Virus”, and had engaged in a diplomatic spat with the USA over the foundation of COVID-19 earlier this month.

“China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said it’s not acceptable and detrimental to international cooperation to label the virus and stigmatise China, hope India oppose such narrow mindset,” China’s envoy’s Sun Weidong shares through a tweet.

chinese virus

To this tweet, India’s foreign minister has said “not to label the virus and the international community should send strong signal of solidarity.” The Indian government too has asked citizens not to call covid-19 as Chinese virus, however people just can’t seem to agree. As Twitter comes with toll, thousands seems to blaming China for developing Covid-19 as a biological weapon. Some tweets also say that it was China’s strategy to become the world leader by developing covid-19.  A thread of tweets has dashed out on China’s President blaming him for creating a havoc round the globe. However, how much of it is reasonable, there’s very less evidence to that.

US President Donald Trump, who has been criticized for calling coronavirus as a “Chinese virus”, has stated he would prevent the use of the term from now onwards. He also said that Asian-Americans must be blanketed amid increasing times of racist attacks towards the both. China and the United States had engaged themselves in a struggle of phrases or what we call a word-war over the starting place of the novel coronavirus. On March 12, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian had alleged that the USA Army may additionally have delivered the lethal coronavirus to his country, to which president Donald Trump strongly objected. Zhao’s tweet was followed by a video of a US health reputable announcing that some of the people had seem to have died of influenza have been posthumously identified as having had a coronavirus or COVID-19.

Coronavirus or covid-19 which has been originated in a fish market of Wuhan city  of China, research study with the aid of scientists from the United States, Europe, China and Japan in addition to the World Health Organization has shown there may be no positive end as to the starting place of COVID-19. Although Wuhan metropolis in China first reported the outbreak, there is no evidence that China is the supply of the virus that outbreak Covid-19.

Cases increasing day by day PM Modi had gone live two days earlier addressing the nation second time declaring complete lockdown for the coming 21 day, major step taken by Indian government reducing the numbers. Rationalizing the decision Modi said it was a necessity owing the situation. India is in complete lockdown up to 15th of April, but nobody has been sure of how the epidemic might end. The Indian government and the medical field has been doing a great job ever since the India reported the initial cases of coronavirus, but just due to carelessness of few the country pays the price. So, its together yours and ours call to play our part by staying inside our home for the coming three weeks. Together we can fight this. #IndiafightsCoronavirus


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