Classic Bike temple of India – Om Banna Temple in Rajasthan (Bullet Baba)

Om Banna Temple

India is a country full of surprises and varieties places which are jaw-dropping and sure to remember forever. Must-visit sites, and today we are going to have to talk about the weirdest but unique it’s in own-self place, non-other than bike temple of India. It is temporary though but it also very popular as the Om Banna temple and what’s unique about this place that not any bike but a Royal Enfield bike is worshipped here. Om Banna Temple, it is situated on the outskirts the Jodhpur city of Rajasthan which is nearly just 50 kilometres away.

It is a piece of the Pali locale in the state. Furthermore, intriguing things to note here is that anyone going on national interstate number 65 looks at this as a star fascination in the venture. Ordinarily, several individuals come here for supplications and wish for a sheltered and upbeat excursion. The unique things about this Temple don’t end here. The individuals in some cases offer alcohol also to the god.

The bike kept in the sanctuary has the number 7773 and individuals had begun imploring it directly from the 1980s. The story of the Om Banna Temple is additionally similarly intriguing. As per the story, Om Banna whose real name was Om Singh Rathore was going on his cruiser from Bagdi to Chotila. This occurrence occurred in 1988.

In transit, he lost control of his bike and hit a tree. The mishap was risky to the point that he died on the site of the catastrophe and his bike fell in a close-by dump. At the point when the police came the following day, after the accident they took the bike to the end by police headquarters.

Furthermore, this is the place some Supernatural stuff began occurring.
Police couldn’t discover the bike in the police headquarters next morning as it had vanished the other night and later they found the bike at the site of the mishap. The police were amazed by this occurrence, but they felt this is a trick which was being played on them by somebody.

Following day, they again returned the bike to the police headquarters, expelled all its petroleum and held it under lock and chain. Regardless of this, the bike again vanished and was found at the spot of the mishap the following day. The police attempted something very similar on numerous occasions and bombed every time.

At this point, general society had just caught wind of the Supernatural occurrences occurring at the mishap spot. Accordingly, individuals began going to the Bullet Baba on the place of the mishap. This data likewise spread to the close by towns. There was a little Temple based on the spot and individuals began playing to it.

This is the sanctuary which is known as the Om Banna sanctuary or the bike temple of India. Individuals began going to both the bike and the bike proprietor here.

Individuals accept that Om Banna deals with individuals on the excursion if they stumble into any difficulty. No there is likewise a fire that is lit in the sanctuary 24 hours per day.

This Temple got so well known later that Royal Enfield distributed promotions about this Bullet Baba in the auto magazines of the time and the bike sanctuary of India. Today all the admirers go to the refuge and appeal to the bike. It’s an extraordinary incongruity that the tree which was liable for the passing of Om Banna is attracted to today in a sanctuary which is worked in his respect.

Individuals accept that anybody going on this course who doesn’t go to the sanctuary face is a lot of risks in his excursion. The sanctuary has been canvassed in a few National and International Media outlets.


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