Coronavirus – will it bring a civilizational change?


Coronavirus, a pandemic which shook the lives of millions of humans and continuing to break down bones of many. As we all know that Corona is a new virus, and it is believed that the epidemiology of this virus has been little studied before it came into existence. Doctors say that waves of this virus pass through communities during winters, it is highly contagious, and so far all the possible steps to prevent it have been defensive.

So as per doctors and many government authorities, they have Plan-A, and that is also defensive, and to avoid such practice, they are still in search of Plan-B.

But for now, they are coming up with simple logic, which is until n unless you don’t get infected you are safe, which reminds me of “Lockdown” or you can say “Quarantine”. It’s been months, and this situation is only getting worse day by day. Initially, they said, wash hands and do not touch the face. Keep a distance from each other. Then when it became known that this would not work, the policy of “Lockdown” was adopted. Neither we will go out, nor will this virus engulf us.


Many are also lamenting that “Corona is too arrogant”. He will not come to your home unless you go and invite him by shaking hands with the infected person. It is believed that when human fails to come up with Plan-B, then they are going to lower the neck and agree to Plan-A. As it is long before said, “When there is no scope to attack then we have to work on fortification”.

If we look back in history, lockdown back then used to extend for many-many days and months. The enemy troops used to camp on the outskirts and the townspeople used to merge in the fort’s ramparts and the situation used to persist for months. It was seen, whose logistics paid off, at first, whose patience answered, everything used to depend on it. For modern humans, this lockdown is a new experience of the old cut fortifications.

But one thing we all are neglecting, there is so much emphasis on being defensive that the perspective is blurred in front of us. We are being told repetitively if we are not infected, nothing will happen. In this, we forget to ask what will happen if we are affected. There is a World Motors dot info website, which provides real-time updates of the coronavirus. Right now, this site is open in front of me, and it is telling that today, the number of coronas infected in the world has crossed 15 lakh 37 thousand plus.

But you can believe that the number of people infected with Corona in the world is more than 15.37 lakhs, and there is a possibility that many have not been tested yet. America has done the most tests; India has not done so many tests. It is also being criticized that India wants to hide the actual figures by keeping the number of Tests low. But a simple question here is that ultimately the importance is the number of infected or the number of dead?

The number of the dead cannot be hidden unless we are talking about China or North Korea. And even if every person of the whole world is examined, the number of dead will still be the same as it is today or might also increase. Yes, it will help to separate the infected from the society. This is the second phase of Plan-A of man in the ongoing battle with Corona – test and isolate. If we isolate the infected, the virus will not spread. But what if the infection has spread? Perhaps today we are in a better position to face this question than ever before.

It is difficult to imagine how much the world has changed in the last month. On 12 March, when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, the Champions League was being played in Europe until that night. Atlético Madrid was knocked out of the Champions League in a packed stadium in England. In past days in England, the number of dead in a day touched a thousand. The total figure exceeded seven thousand. The picture is over fourteen thousand in Atlético Madrid’s country Spain.

On March 12, the sensation that had spread when the value of total deaths in Italy crossed 800, now seems to be an old thing. Today, the total number of dead in the three countries has crossed 15 thousand. But in front of this, there is a figure of 3 lakh 48 thousand people who have recovered and returned home after being infected with Corona.

Coronavirus figures are classified in two ways – closed cases and active cases:

Closed cases, i.e. figures of the dead and the recovered people. Some 95 thousand plus people lost their lives, and near about 355,262 lakh were recovered. But look at the active cases. In total 1,143,206 are active cases, out of which 10 lakh 94 thousand 253 are in mild-condition.

Only 48 thousand 953 are in critical condition. The total of active cases is 96 per cent mild condition, 4 per cent critical condition. Closed Cases has a total of 79 per cent, 21 per cent of deaths. These figures, pointing to a promising aspect, yet we must prepare our self for this second question. What if we got infected?

Death on infection with Corona is not only inevitable, but the chances of death are also skewed in proportion – a total of 3.4 per cent mortality rate. On examining the data, a fascinating pattern emerges that the virus has caused havoc in Europe and America, but its impact on third world countries is comparatively negligible. Africa is almost untouched.

The country most affected by the continent of Africa is South Africa – where 1845 infected and 18 deaths have so far been recorded. Brazil tops, Iran and Latin America in Asia, but fortunately, the figures for these countries are much lower than in Europe and America. Take India only. The first case of Corona was found here on 30th January. Today came to be two and a half months. The figure for deaths is 186.

Whereas in the United States alone, some 3000 lives have been lost in the last 48 hours. It is interesting that while Africa has not been able to touch the Corona, on the black Afro people of America, it has broken into havoc. I am not saying it jinx, but definitely, Fingers are crossed. Still, these two-three months of experience show that the outbreak of Corona was majorly seen in developed countries, whereas has not yet been in developing countries.


And you may keep saying that developing countries have not done so many tests, but the truth is that by not doing tests, only the statistics of infection can be hidden, not the dead.

What could be the reason? Contact with the open world, which is more in developed countries? Or lifestyle challenges there? Pollution, smoking, diabetes, obesity – which weaken the body’s immunity and make us face the virus.

So is the coronavirus a decisive comment on the evils inherent in the Western lifestyle? Is it announcing the end of junk-food, sugar drinks, factory making, meat industry? Will it lead to civilizational changes? Now after this, is it that the importance of simple lifestyle, vegetarianism, labour-intensive physical diary, natural remedies, yoga-exercise-fasting etc. are going to increase?

Imagine a situation – although it will not attract many intellectual liberal friends any more – yet consider that six months from now, where Europe and America are battered and stagnant, India has persevered with comparatively minimal damage to this epidemic.

And now the world is looking towards India, wanting to know how it managed to overcome or tackle this situation, or what was there in the living, climate, culture-civilization, treatment-systems of this country, that this virus has so much on it, but could not make an impact on the land? If that happens, will it be a new era? Think if that happens.

We cannot let our guards down and hope to die with this virus, and there is no shortage of good news even in these hard times. Therefore look for your safety, stay home and stay safe, as for now this the only solution to fight back this virus and Keep the hopes high, we are going to survive, and things are going to more than pleasant and good in coming days. 


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