Do Aliens Exist?


Is mankind alone in the whole universe? Is there life on any other planet in the whole universe? These are some of the questions that entangle our basic understanding of life and space. There are 300 billion stars in our galaxy alone, with new planets being discovered traveling around them. There are around 4,000 exo-planets just in our galaxy. Thus assuming there won’t be any life other than earth is as stupid as it seems. Apart from this several human-alien encounters have been reported from across the world, where people claim of meeting aliens. Though, none has been proved yet. Not only this, but from various parts of the world evidence of human connection with extraterrestrials has also been recorded like the one in India’s Alien Rock Paintings of Charama.

But do aliens really exist? To date, we have no evident answer to it, but efforts for locating life other than on earth have been in practice. One of the most spectacular scientists Stephen Hawking believed that there is life on other planets in the universe that might not be an alien concept. He strongly supported the idea of not being alone in the universe. He also warned humans, that if humanity doesn’t find a way of going to space, their extinction is inevitable.  

Efforts to Locate Alien Existence

In 1977, NASA sent Voyager 1 and 2 across space with each containing a disc recording of important information. The project was proposed in a hope, that if there’s any extraterrestrial being out in the universe, we can get a response. Both the Voyagers carried small metal plaques known as the Golden Recordings identifying their time and place of origin. The golden recording includes a variety of natural sounds like wind, animals, water with music from different cultures and eras, and spoken greetings in fifty-five languages along with several photographs of life on earth. The disc also had encrypted messages along with directions of the earth. The voyagers were launched in 1977 and had traveled almost trillions of kilometers.

Experts believe that humans have enough intelligence and technology to connect with extraterrestrial beings, the only trouble is- how they will respond. Hawking said that if aliens ever visit us, the outcome would be much different than what we assume. It could be like when Christopher Columbus first found America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.

NASA on 23 July 2015 announced that they have located earth-like planet Kepler-452b that exhibits similar traits of atmosphere and surface. NASA called it Earth 2.0. In February 2017, NASA once again found seven more Earth-like planets. The basic elements that are needed to create life on any planet are carbon, nitrogen, water, and a source of energy like the sun. Thus if a planet bears these fundamental requirements, there is a fair chance that we might find life on such planets.


Is there life on Titan?

Titan is one of Saturn’s 82 moons. It is the second-largest moon in our solar system. Titan has an icy world whose surface is completely obscured by a golden hazy atmosphere. Titan is the only moon with a dense atmosphere and to have rivers, lakes, and sea beside earth. These lakes are made up of methane and ethane and not water and thus it is possible that life may find a way. It has mountain ranges, possible ice volcanoes (aka cryovolcanoes), and vast hydrocarbon dunes. There is also a chance of water inside the subsurface of Titan in a probably solid-state. These areas could be melted into a liquid and consumable form. Thus, scientists believe that life can be possible on Titan. 

According to research by NASA, Titan has a radius of about 1,600 miles and is nearly 50 percent wider than Earth’s moon. Titan is about 759,000 miles from Saturn, light from the Sun takes about 80 minutes to reach Titan; because of the distance, sunlight is about 100 times fainter at Saturn and Titan than at Earth.

As titan is nine times further to the sun than the earth, the atmosphere there is freezing cold. The surface temperature is expected to be around -300 degrees Fahrenheit that is –179 degrees Celsius which is too cold for biochemical processes. Perhaps, life on Titan could only be possible if we adopt life inside a spacesuit.

Reasons To Believe That Aliens Exist

The first reason to believe that aliens exist is itself admitted by space scientists and even the government. In the last decade, we have learned that every star in the galaxy has its planets and our galaxy alone contains 400 billion stars, thus assuming that aliens exist is not an odd thought. Although it’s a different approach that whether extraterrestrial life exists in bacterial form or technologically advanced freaks. And it’s also possible that our definition of life could be much different than aliens. The only consequence we face is communication. Because the fact that our galaxy is insanely huge, it’s tough to get in touch with life in space, unless they too wanted to communicate.

How do aliens look? Do they look like us or exactly as we saw in Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant? On earth alone, there’s an incredible diversity of biotypes that evolve with time, thus assuming how the aliens may look is only based on our assumptions. The only statement we can make is that aliens must be symmetrical. Because every life on earth follows a symmetrical pattern, it is expected that extraterrestrial life too follows the same pattern. Yet, the question of how aliens may look gives us an answer of infinite possibilities. Perhaps, a real alien would be so far from anything we’ve ever imagined.  


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