Do Ghost Exist: Untold Paranormal Mysteries?


Paranormal? Do we still believe in the existence of such a world beyond our reach? Why do people see a ghost? What is this paranormal world like? Not one, but the thousands of questions are yet not answered when it comes to the paranormal world, which we think exists. Have you ever experienced different energy around you? If you believe in paranormal activities, then you are not alone. 

Different cultures around the world believe that spirits that survive death to live in a spare realm do exist. It is majorly seen that dead spirits are most widely believed among all the paranormal phenomena. There are millions of people who still get chills while even talking about it. In this article, you will come across some interesting unheard facts and myths, which might entertain you or scare you with nightmares. 

Typical names given to the paranormal phenomena around the globe include Bad soul, Ghost, Shadow, Spirit, Wraith, Bhoot, Jin, Dark witch, Press, or even Atma. It is believed that there are millions of places where one can feel the presence of the soul or might also connect with the soul if the soul senses the body to be weak or more comfortable, which in terms have categorized explicitly as “Possession.” From stories told by your grandmother to the experiments done to call the deads, there are hundreds of possibilities that “the dead stay with us in the form of spirit” is a saying coming from the ancient times, though appearing in several incalculable tales from the Bible to “Macbeth.” It even produced a folklore genre: Soul/Ghost stories

Beliefs in phantoms are a piece of a more prominent snare of related paranormal convictions, including near-death experiences, communications with spirit, and life after death. The belief offers numerous individuals comfort — who wouldn’t like to accept that our cherished yet perished relatives aren’t paying particular attention to us, or with us in our critical crossroads?

It is believed that many have been trying to communicate with the dead’s from the very ancient times, and it is believed that few have even succeeded! Sounds weird, right? Does this fascinate you to have a chit-chat with the unknowns? Or go on a coffee with Karan with them. 

Though the practice of performing the ghost calling activity was not only done in the past time’s individuals of this new era have also attempted to (or professed to) speak with spirits for a very long time, majorly, these people call themselves as a ghost hunter. What? Do ghost hunters exist? 

Yes from the mystery comic ghost book to the real mundane world, there are several groups of people who claim to be the “Ghost Catcher” or you can also say “Hunters” One of the examples seen in Victorian England, where the apparition clubs committed to scanning for spooky proof shaped at renowned colleges, including Cambridge and Oxford, and in 1882 the most unmistakable association, the Society for Psychical Research, was built up. A lady named Eleanor Sidgwick was a specialist (and later leader) of that gathering and could be viewed as the first female Ghostbuster. In America during the late 1800s, numerous clairvoyant mediums professed to address the dead — yet were later uncovered as fakes by wary specialists, for example, Harry Houdini.

Stories connected to paranormal phenomena are somewhere based on the truth and majorly seen to create a fake scene just to scare, yet the mystery remains a mystery. 


As per the research, it is seen that approximately 45% of Americans and near about 80% of the Indian population has a strong belief in the existence of ghosts. If we talk about India, many scriptures like Bhagavad Gita and Quran and many more have also acknowledged the presence of a spirit world. This becomes a topic for a discussion as many examples have been quoted in these holy books regarding the statement proving to agree that soul or in Indian term Bhoot do roam around us without letting us aware of their presence. 

Do Scripts Acknowledge Paranormal Phenomena?

One can witness acknowledgment in the holy verses of Bhagavad Gita, where Lord Krishna is said to have told his dearest friend Arjuna (As per the Bhagavad Gita). “Those who worship the demigods will take birth among the demigods; those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth among such beings; those who worship ancestors go to the ancestors; and those who worship Me will live with Me.” So, even the Bhagavad Gita, one of the primary scriptures in the Indian tradition, has acknowledged the existence of ghosts and spirits, and similar knowledge has been conveyed by many other scripts of different religions of India and around the globe. 

According to several religious conventions, the belief in phantoms and spirits is an expansion of the faith in the ethereal quintessence controlled by a living entity (called Soul, Spirit or Atma). They opine that faith in otherworldliness is fragmented without putting stock in paradise and damnation and the universe of spirits.

Living in the 21st century surrounded by multiple technologies, it is probably hard to understand the study behind their existence. Many scientists say that people who claim to have come across the spirits might be suffering from mental issues like sleep disorder, Night terror, schizophrenia or obstructive sleep apnea where your brain starts hallucinating and makes you believe that the things which cannot be seen by the naked eye or by ordinary people do exist.

On the other hand, preachers and many people around the world have come to the conclusion that their existence has been experienced by them in their personal lives or by the ones whom they are concerned too. Such statements have led us to the dilemma of whether the reports related to the paranormal activities are based on truth, or it is just a myth created eras back. Ones a granny said no one could say that they never experienced a sinister or ghost, so if you have ever experienced a chilling paranormal terror, let us know your nightmare story in the comment box. Read well, Sleep well.  


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