Everything about Divine and Dwarf Punganur Cow!

Punganur Cow

PUNGANUR COW (Cattle) is the world’s littlest Bos indicus steers began in Punganur town in Chittoor locale of Andhra Pradesh, India. This breed is known for its small stature, high milk creation productivity and useful regenerative characters. In Ancient Ayurvedic sacred texts, for example, Charaka Samhita, Shushruta Samhita and Brahad-Wagbhatt notice different therapeutic properties of dairy animals pee. It is utilized as a bug spray and in scatters like intestinal gas, acridity, and hack. 

Punganur Cattle is one of the world’s littlest Bos indicus cows. Punganur steers began from Punganur in Chittoor area, arranged at the south-eastern tip of the Deccan Plateau in Andhra Pradesh, India. This breed was created by the Rajas of Punganur and was utilized for draining and other light agrarian activities. 

The Punganur is Taluk in Chittoor District in Andhra Pradesh. Today, Punganur remained while well known diminutive person dairy animals breed has vanished. Ongole and Punganur dairy cattle breeds are the pride of Andhra Pradesh. 

Brief About Punganur Cow –

The Punganur cow is the world’s most brief, bumped dairy cattle. A large portion of the creatures is white and light-dark in shading with a broad brow and short horns. Its normal tallness is 70-90 cms, and its weight is 115-200 kg. The bovine gets inestimable vitality at higher greatness, scatters around its essence and vibe is divine. 

The dairy animals is an incredibly expert milker with an average milk yield of 3-5 L/day on a day by day feed admission of 5 kg. It is likewise dry season safe, and ready to endure only on dry grain. It is known as the poor man’s cow. The bovine has an emanation of 120 Feet sweep, gets vast vitality at the larger size and disperses all around its quality. 

The non-verbal communication of the Cow is like a deer. The strolling style of this Cow is lovely. It is promising to have this dairy animal. The Punganur breed’s milk has a high-fat substance and is wealthy in therapeutic properties. While dairy animals milk typically has a fat content of 3 to 3.5 per cent, but the Punganur breed’s milk contains 8%. 

Back inclining downwards from front to rump; tail contacting the ground; slight portable horns, practically level along the back and ordinarily at various statures from one another. The Punganur is at the skirt of elimination, with about 20 odd creatures remaining. 

The Punganur dairy cattle are being raised mostly on the Government Livestock Farm, Palamaner, Chittoor region, while a little casual gathering of private reproducers is likewise chipping away at restoring the species. It isn’t formally perceived as a breed since there are just a couple of creatures remaining. 

Strict Views:- 

Punganur bovine in Tirupathi sanctuary “Dhenunam Asmi Kaamadhuk” (Bhagavad Gita 10.28) Meaning: Among dairy animals, I am the desire satisfying Cow. Here Lord Krishna is shown as Kamadhenu, the awesome, wish-satisfying Cow. Kamadhenu, otherwise called Surabhi, is depicted in Vedic content as the mother all things considered. 

Divine contribution of Punganur Cow:- 

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has around 200 Punganur dairy animals in its cow’s yard. Ghee arranged from the milk of these dairy animals is being utilized in ‘Archana’ (offering) for Lord Venkateswara. 

Milk is utilized for Abhishekam:- 

Punganur bovine’s milk is being used for ksheera abhishekam in Thirupathi for Venkateswara swami. The ghee of punganur cows is being used for making the popular Tirupathi sanctuary laddu. The darshan of this Cow itself is hallowed. 

All bovines are adored in Hinduism as the true epitome of the Kamadhenu. The milk of this little breed has high-fat substance and luxurious therapeutic properties. 

Dairy animals Milk with precious therapeutic qualities:- 

Considered among the world’s littlest type of bovines, the Punganur breed’s milk has a high-fat substance and luxurious, therapeutic properties. While dairy animals milk typically has a thick content of about 3 to 3.5 per cent, the Punganur breed’s milk contains 8 per cent, like wild ox milk, 

Punganur is maybe the world’s littlest bumped steers breed. It is generally known as a proficient milch breed. It is additionally dry spell safe and ready to endure solely on dry feed. The Punganur bovine is said to have the finesse of a deer and an excellent strolling style. It is viewed as promising to have this dairy animal. 

These cows are said to get solar vitality at higher greatness and disperse it all around. The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) has about 200 Punganur bovines in its cow’s yard. Ghee arranged from the milk of these cows is in the ‘Archana’ (offering) for Lord Venkateswara and readiness of the well known Tirupati laddoos. 

Breed attributes:- 

Punganur is a well known smaller person dairy cattle breed. Punganur has minimal form, similarly tight skin and broadly hanging dewlap.

Punganur cows are commonly white, dim or light darker to dull dark coloured in shading. White blended in with red or dark shading are additionally accessible. The skin, gag, eyelids and hooves are dark, and they have inward and full brow. Punganur breed has dark, little and sickle moulded horns, somewhat portable and practically level along the back which are typically at various statures from one another. 

Punganur breeds horns are short in guys and longer in females; horn length ranges from 10 to 15 cms. The back slants downwards from front to the rump. Punganur has short legs, and a long body with all-around sprung ribs. Punganur dairy animals have tails that touch the ground; mounds of diminutive size in females and medium, however, hanging in guys.


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