Gustave Eiffel: the man behind Eiffel tower

Gustave Eiffel

One of the seven wonder of the world, the Eiffel tower we witness today is the legacy that had followed through generations. The beauty of the wonder is cherished by everyone around the world but none of us seems to cherish the hands behind its creation. But when we go back to the history, Gustave Eiffel is one of the name that comes forth in our minds. Who was he and what was his legacy? Let’s check that out!

The story of Gustave Eiffel:

An engineer by profession, Gustave Eiffel was the one who founded and created a firm specializing in metal structural work who whose crowning win was the Eiffel Tower. Gustave devoted the last thirty years of his life to this experimental analytics. Born on 15 December 1832, Gustave’s achievements are numerous. He was the netizen of France. The French architect made his name by building various bridges for the country’s railway network, most notably the Garabit viaduct. It is the dome of the Nice observatory, and the ingenious structure of the Statue of Liberty. It was made in 1889 and the date also marks the end of Gustave’s astonishing career as an entrepreneur.  

Eiffel built hundreds of metal structures of all kinds all around the world. But before this the Gustave Eiffel build numerous metal structures that was all kinds including bridges and railways bridges. Throughout his career he made many fine buildings but only 2 of them is what he is mostly remembered for- the Porto Viaduct and Garabit Viaduct. And would you believe that his company sold portable bridged around the world in the form of kits! This include the ingenious structure of the Statue of Liberty in New York, and of course the Eiffel Tower itself.

Gustave Eiffel

The Panama Scandal:

But during this astonishing career he was met with a tragic circumstance as well. In the year 1887, he build the locks of Panama Canal. It was a project which was badly handled by Ferdinand De Lesseps and ended being the biggest scandal of that time. Though the risk he took tremendously favoured him as he was given major financial advantages and guaranteed profit. But this wasn’t enough as while working on the project the liquidation of the canal construction firm, Compagnie du canal indicted him of fraud along with De Lesseps and his some. He was sentenced with two years of prison and also paid a fine of 2000 francs. As his reputation and honour was spoiled in a second, though he had nothing to be initially blamed of, Gustave withdrew from the field of business. Soon the highest appeal court free him from all the accusing charges which stopped them from doing any more harm his way.

After the troublesome scandal, Gustave wasn’t fully depressed as he returned back as an astonishing scientists. He devoted 30 years of his later life to research and development. He majorly devoted his research to aerodynamics where he researched about the wind resistance experiments and many more. Some of his research has lasted even now including one of the wind tunnel which he has built at that time and is still in service. Most of his creations are in France but you can find them in other countries too. Gustave Eiffel died on 27th December, 1923 at an age of 91.

His iconic structures and involvement in several renowned architect gained him the name of “Magician of Iron”. Gustave Eiffel is the legendary creator of 20th century! With his contribution in the great Eiffel tower and Statue of Liberty, Gustave’s legacy remained even his departure from this world.


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