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How Can One Survive A Shark Attack?

Chances of one encountering a shark attack are about 1 in 11.5 million, lesser than your chances of becoming a president. While most of us would panic finding ourselves in a sharknado, there is a high chance that you may survive the attack. As per the research, there are rarely any deaths happened due to shark attacks. In 2019, for example, there were only five fatal shark attacks. In most cases, though one might lose a limb or two, death by shark attack hardly happens.

But in case you are a great diver, surfer, or engaged in other sports, your chance of encountering a shark is greater than the onlookers. So, isn’t it better to know how to survive a shark attack? There aren’t any nuclear science to survive a shark attack but just three scenarios you need to know about avoiding a fatal incident. The first one happens when you are inside the water and you spot a shark, the second is when the shark is coming towards you and the third one is when you find yourself inside a shark’s mouth.

Here are a few ways to survive a possible shark attack

The first situation is obviously checking the waters before you dive into it. Whenever you go out for a swim, dive, or even surfing remember to at least check if there have been any recent shark attacks in the water you are planning to be in. There are many websites that help people track water activity in recent days. Though usually, sharks do not swim on the surface, only when they mistake humans for food. This confusion happens sometimes because of jewelry, how clear the water is, and most importantly, whether the shark is hungry. Studies show that sharks are attracted to bright colors. Thus, it’s better to leave any type of jewelry or bright clothing back at home before entering the waters.

shark attack

Now comes the live-in situation, this one is very natural- if you locate a shark, get out of the water as quickly as possible. Do not even think for a minute to enjoy any sort of sightseeing! Ask people around you to get out of the water even if you sense a possible shark underwater. As it is said prevention is better than cure, it is best to stay on the safe side. Furthermore, make sure that you swim out quietly without making any sound, and try to create no distraction for the animal to sense you.

The second situation gets a little tense- what to do if you see a shark approaching you? When you see a predator, you want to get away as fast as possible, that’s our instinct but in this case, try to resist it. If you panic, it will only turn the shark into predatory mode. But this comes when you are sure that you have no time to get to the safety. This works only if you are in close proximity to the shark. Sharks do not feed on humans, though they might like human flesh, they generally do not hunt humans, so better not to give them an invitation. Confront the shark, not with aggression, but with calm, and keep looking into their eyes. Do not create any sort of fight, even if it comes closer just push it gently without panicking. But if the shark attacks- fight back.

With this being set, we came to our last scenario- what to do when you find yourself one on one with a shark? Though sharks do not hunt humans, still if does decides to feed on you- this is a dead end as you do not have any say in that. But mostly, sharks usually attack humans out of curiosity, when they are not confirmed whether you are food or not. They may bite you to check but do not eat unless you are extremely unlucky. When a shark bites you, that’s when the real fight starts. If you lose your temper at that moment, you may lose the battle. Thus, fight back as much as you can, and try to punch in their eyes, nose, and gills as they are extremely sensitive parts, and it may drive them away. The shark may shake you, slam you and try to tear you apart but keep fighting. Do anything to show the predator that you ain’t giving up. This way they might get tired and step back.

If the shark backs out and swims away, get out of the water and do not look at your wound. It would only panic you, if your arm is injured, put it above your head to stop bleeding out. If your leg is bitten, try to cover it with something that could stop the bleeding. Even a tiny shark bite can leave you bleeding profusely. So, until you get to the hospital do anything to stop bleeding- it might be your only chance to survive. Humans are no match for sharks, and the wounds the animals inflict can be devastating. But your will to live is what helps you in these times. 

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