Inspiring Story of Amit Jain’s Startup – CarDekho

The startup of CarDekho had an unassuming beginning. It is started by two gifted siblings Amit Jain and Anurag Jain from the level II city of Jaipur in 2008. It continued to transform into a trailblazer in vehicle classifieds. Buying a vehicle used to be problematic before the web age in light of the fact that the business was just unnecessarily dispersed. Today we have a lot of online passages that will take you through the method without any problem. One such section is CarDekho.

The vehicle business is exceptionally random. For the most part, individuals wind up profoundly befuddled and reluctant while buying any vehicle. Evidently, the references from loved ones are insufficient to settle on an educated choice. The couple siblings of Jaipur started an adjustment in this situation. They made a one-stop site that identifies with vehicle buys as well as to the vehicle peripherals. Subsequently, has effectively changed this monotonous assignment into a simple one.

Before Inception

The absence of straightforwardness in the vehicle business prompted the cause of Cardekho. The shrewd and capable siblings of Jaipur comprehended the need of great importance and built up this splendid web-based interface. Amit Jain and Anurag Jain, the two authors of Cardekho moved on from the head establishment of IIT Delhi. They went through a decent 8 years in the corporate reality where they were related to TCS and Trilogy.

Business venture:

Those corporate years supported an affection for innovation in Amit. Both the siblings made an exceptional stride and chose to stop the corporate world and head back to their old neighborhood. In spite of the fact that they had an all-around settled adornments business, they chose to set in transit an alternate course and make something dynamite of their own. Call it family motivation, however, Amit’s underlying tendency was to begin an online adornments store, which was later checked because of the ground real factors of that region. Turning around wasn’t a possibility for the two siblings. In this way, with the experience of the corporate years, they chose to begin their own IT redistributing organization, GinarSoft.

Each fantasy needs diligence and difficult work, which the couple siblings never needed. They started work by sending messages and notices to all planned large customers. However, achievement doesn’t come that simple. In the desire for some dire reaction, they began shipping off messages to all the potential customers in the IT business. Little advances do prompt bigger triumphs, however. Despite the fact that they got their first request of a pitiful 50,000 INR, soon their destinies turned. Piles of requests began coming in which drove them to grow their representative base to a thundering number of 40 by 2007. With enough cash in their pocket, they were presently prepared to put resources into their own venture. In this way, these earlier triumphs prompted the introduction of CarDekho.



The underlying thought of Cardekho rose up out of a visit to the AutoExpo. Call it destiny or an underlying interest; the siblings appeared to be fascinated by the concealed potential in this industry. With their prime center being consumer loyalty, they dispatched their endeavor CarDekho. The cautious and definite data taught the clients of each specialized and non-specialized detail of a vehicle. This detailed database pulled in substantial rush hour gridlock and hence in a matter of seconds, CarDekho turned into a one-stop site for vehicle-related arrangements.


  • They were embellished with the title of” Best Automotive Website of 2009.
  • They additionally got the honor of “Best Car Website of 2012”.
  • Their monstrous ubiquity conceded them the title of “Most well-known site of 2012”
  • They have additionally blessed the honor “Site of the year India 2011& 2012”

Tentative arrangements:

Their future objective is to raise past USD 40-50 million against a pre-speculation of 1500 crores. They additionally expect to outperform INR 500 crores in income assortment. Their prosperity and their case are well-suited enough to allow them the title of “genuine stars of the online vehicle industry.”

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