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International Day Against Drug Abuse

On 7 December 1987 the General assembly decided to observe 26 June as world day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking. The main objective behind world day against drug abuse is to make the international society free from drug abuse. According to United Nations every year this day is supported by individuals, communities and various types of organizations and NGO’s to make the world free from drug abuse and trafficking.


Addiction and abuse both are the two faces of a single coin. Drug abuse is when you take legal or illegal substances in an inappropriate way or in excessive quantity. Drug abuse is done to take relieve from high stress but later on this stress buster becomes the main reason for health related problems. Over dose directly affect our brain and nervous system and chock the thinking power thus the person becomes senseless.


Drug abuse is a serious- social and public health problem that not only affect the society but the whole world. Social problems such as drugged driving, violence, stress, and child abuse are included in this practice. Drug abuse harms unborn babies and destroys families. The list of drugs that involves in drug abuse are Methamphetamine, Anabolic steroids, Club drugs, Cocaine, Heroin, Inhalants and Marijuana.

International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking,Indianness


The term illicit trafficking means the illegal trading and supply of drugs and other drugs related component all around the world. The main reason behind drug abuse is the illegal trading of drugs. Whole world is facing the issue of illicit trafficking because this illegal trade leads to illegal selling of drugs and drugs related components which give birth to drug abuse. All drug addicts are able to access drugs at a reasonable rates.


Thousands of children in India are addicted to inhaling rubber solutions, this solution is one of the most popular drug among youths, owing to easy access and low cost of barely 30-40 rupees, this drugs is widely used by the children and teenagers. According to an estimate by a nonprofit Society for the Promotion of Youth and Masses, nearly 60 percent of the 300,000-400,000 child drug addicts, have started their journey of inhaling this and similar substances. In the entire list of drugs, this solution is very harmful amongst all, and is hazardous for the teenagers and children because it can stop the brain growth which may put their future in the dark. In India thousands of children have never seen school just because of these kinds of addictions and some of them who are lucky enough to go, is indulged into this lethal practice. Even in Delhi thousands of drug addicts are children. The children, mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds, begin begging on the streets, later resorting to picking pockets and other petty crimes to fund their addiction.


Unemployment, Illiteracy and feudal methods of farming are some of the major causes of this problem. The farmers of Punjab don’t work in their fields any more, employing labours from UP & Bihar to work in their fields they get more time to socialize and thus the use of drug has become a source of their time pass.

Afghanistan export their drugs to Pakistan, drugs come to India usually via Pakistan and then sold to rest of the world, with a profit margin as high as 300%. Packets are thrown across the 553 km long India-Pakistan border. They are picked up and reach Delhi in less than 12 hours with no traces left behind. That is why drug addiction in Punjab is increasing day by day.


Accepting addiction as a disease. Discuss it more openly with the children and youth to educate them about the harmful effects of drug abuse. This is not a simple problem. Stop arresting them and throwing them in jail. Drug addiction is a big problem and it will take time to resolve. By providing free treatment to drugs addicts can help in resolving this issue. Pharmaceutical companies, now a days are making money just because of growing drug addiction with the help of current political scenario and corrupted politician. To get rid of the problems like drug abuse and illicit trafficking there is a high need of good and uncorrupted political system.

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