Internet can’t stop crushing over Riley Rankin. Why? Let’s check it out!

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Riley Rankin wasn’t a Big name, not at least a week ago. Since last week’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can’t get over him. What made it happen? Well, that’s because of the sweetest gift he gave to his girlfriend. Denisha Bracey, a resident of Nova Scotia, Canada, woke up to the most delightful surprise on her second anniversary with her boyfriend- Riley. She was suffering from anxiety and panic disorders, to which Riley’s response was nothing less than remarkable.

This guy played the role of the best doctor a person could ever receive. His prescription of “love pills” is doing wonders in her recovery! Yes, he made love capsules for his girlfriend; each one holds a special message to her. He bought empty capsules and filled every single one and put them in an empty pill container. The words he wrote were loving and at the same time, empowering. Some of them were quotes like “You should run for Miss Universe because DAMN!” and “Be proud of yourself, you are amazing, think of all the things you’ve accomplished!”, like this, he can make sure that even he is not around her, she is safe and happy.

Riley’s DIY gift to Bracey was which every mental health patient’s need. The way he supported his girlfriend made him the protective factor for all the other boyfriends and a loving sensation for the girls out there.

riley rankin,love capsule boy,viral on internet,love pills,india,indianness

Mental health is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. People suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other disorder deserves much better for themselves. Recently, an actress ‘Sulli’ from Korea, committed suicide in her apartment. This is clear evidence that suggests that depression can happen to anyone despite having success or happiness. We need to create an environment where people can seek help, where they are not judged, and where they can be themselves. What these people need is support, acceptance, and love, which Riley understood and made such a beautiful gift for the love of his life. Though the present doesn’t cost much, the value it holds has a much more significant meaning in it. What the world needs is people like Riley who understand the issue and are serious about it.

Anyways, Three cheers to this guy! We hope for a much better future for the duo. 


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