Jasmine M Moosa

Jasmine M Moosa inspiring women like a boss!

Women have been a subject of injustice in India since decades. They had and have been suffering the violence against them silently. They are sold in the name of custom, they are mutilated in the name of honour and they are raped in a name of marriage. Everything has an excuse and every act has a cause, however never explained nor justified. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, in 2011, there were greater than 228,650 reported incidents of crime against women, while in 2015, there were over 300,000 reported incidents, a 44% increase from the last recorded data. A crime against women happens at every three minute! And the irony is that even after knowing all these, we continue to live in silence. But a women much like from among our own has her way out which is nothing but inspiring. Jasmine M Moosa, a level three fitness trainer in Bengaluru is an inspiration for all those women who suffer in silence. This is her story.

The story of Jasmine M Moosa

“I had just returned from school and saw a few visitors at home. My mother asked me to serve them tea. Only after they left did I realize that they had come to ask my hand in marriage,” said Jasmine.

This was where the life of Jasmine M Moosa changed completely. At the tender age of just 17 she was engaged with a man by her own parents, two weeks after she turned 18, was married off. And it was never a happy marriage. On her wedding night her partner’s behavior seemed off as he tried to pin her down. She was screaming but no one came to her rescue. It’s a tradition in Muslim community to get their daughters married at an early age, thus screaming on the first night seemed normal. But Jasmine screams wasn’t out of normal conditions, it took few months for her to find out that her husband was actually autistic. Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. Soon, she complained about the same to both of their parents and suggested a divorce. Though everyone agreed, not many were happy about the decision especially Jasmine’s own parents. For them Jasmine M Moosa was now a burden and wanted her to get remarried as soon as possible. As per the society she was a “Divorced women.”

Jasmine M Moosa parents found another man for their daughter, but this time Jasmine was confident enough to talk to him first. Surprisingly, this man was nothing like her former husband instead was a type of a dream guy she always dreamed of. He was polite, sweet and accepting. Even after knowing that Jasmine was divorced, he said it didn’t matter.

“I felt like all the dark clouds in my life were moving away and this could be a brand new chapter in my life.” Jasmine said in a report by The Better India.  

Soon she was married to this person. On her wedding night Jasmine met her worst horror, as soon as her husband stepped inside the room he slapped her, chained her and raped her again and again. Her husband was a cocaine addict who repeatedly abused her physically and mentally. He also warned her never let anyone know even her own mother or she shall face the consequences! Thus Jasmine remained silent. Few months later, Jasmine found out that she was pregnant and was overjoyed. She thought that god had given her a chance to live again. When she told her husband about it, he furiously kicked her stomach. She was profusely bleeding and rushed to the hospital informing her parents. According to Jasmine, “The doctors said that the tube of the uterus had been ruptured and that I would have to undergo surgery to avoid blood loss and to keep the baby alive. I got the surgery, but at five weeks, I lost my baby and soon after, my husband called me to file for a divorce. I was completely dead inside to process any of it.”  

Jasmine M Moosa

This was a point where Jasmine has had her enough. She decided to not let go that man sneak out easily. She filed a FIR for domestic abuse and showed them with some concrete evidence like the sound recordings of her abuse. The police had no choice but to arrest him. But even after getting him jailed, Jasmine’s life was the same. So she decided to migrate to another country on which her parents strictly denied, even burnt her passport and other documents. But as it is said ‘will is greater than evil’, she found her way out.

She fled to Kochi and started working as a receptionist at a fitness center. There she met some of the most amazing people who motivated and inspired her to build her life again. She started working out and concentrated on building her physique, and eventually went to Bengaluru to become a certified fitness trainer. Today Jasmine M Moosa is a third level fitness trainer. She went viral when she shared her transformation video on internet and received a widespread appreciation. Her story is truly amazing and she is a living example of reshaping life and accepting what is meant to be her. The team of The Indianness salutes the courage of this young lady!

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