Junko furuta

Junko furuta- the girl in concrete case

Since ages women are suppressed through various kinds of crimes such as rape, harassment, domestic violence, dowry deaths, female feticide, and what not? Violence against women is one of the major societal evil which the world is facing right now. And among all such cases, there is a story of Junko Furuta- a girl who didn’t face violence but definitely hell for 44 days consequently.

Junko Furuta was a Japanese high-school student who was abducted, mercilessly tortured, brutally raped, and later murdered. The 44-day odyssey of Furuta began when Miyano and his friend Nobuharu Minato dwell around the street to rob and rape young women. This was the time when they spotted Furuta cycling down the street. Miyano was a member of the Yakuza- a group of gangsters- and wanted to have revenge on Furuta just because she turned down his proposal. And in order to rape her, they hatched the plan to manipulate her. Misato kicked Furuta out of the bicycle and ran away. Miyano, using the pretext of it being a chance as he was in the locale, approached Furuta and offered to walk her home safely. Furuta being totally unaware of his plan and followed Miyano who was leading her to a nearby warehouse, where he revealed his yakuza connections. Miyano threatened to kill her as he raped her in the warehouse and once again in a hotel nearby.

From there, Miyano called his other friends, Minato, Jō Ogura, and Yasushi Watanabe, and the four agreed to keep her so with them that all can take their turns on her. And from here starts the tale of terrorizing trepidation. Furuta was held locked up in the Minato house for 44 days, during which time she was abused, raped, and brutally tortured. They also invited and encouraged their other friends to torment and rape Furuta even more. The four of them raped her over and over, a total of 400 times, hurt her, starved her, hung her from the roof and used her as a punching bag, dropped dumbbells onto her stomach, forced her to eat cockroaches and drink her own pee!

They also forced her to masturbate in front of them. The group inserted several things into her vagina and anus, including a lit light bulb and fireworks! They burned her vagina vigorously and clitoris with cigarettes and her eyelids with hot wax. They also tore off her left nipple with forceps and punctured her breasts with sewing needles. She was found to be pregnant, despite severe injuries to her uterus and anus to the point where the two holes became one. When her body was found, ornamin-c bottles were stuck up her anus and her face was totally unrecognizable.

The chilling details about Junko Furuta Case:

junko furuta

A little hope came in her way when Minato invited Ihara, who was also one of the classmates and was allegedly bullied into raping Junko Furuta. After Ihara left the place, he told his brother about the incident. His brother then told their parents, who contacted the police. Thereafter, 2 police officers were dispatched to the Minato house. But they were informed that there was no girl inside. The police officers declined an invitation to look around the house, believing the invite alone was enough proof that there was no girl in the Minato’s house.

On one occasion, they soaked her legs and feet in lighter liquid and set them on fire! It was commendable that she still survived these injuries and continued to be raped and tortured. It was also reported, that Furuta has asked her captors on multiple occasions to “kill her and get it over with”, but they refused. Instead, they forced her to sleep outside on the balcony during winters and locked her in a freezer!

On another occasion, the group challenged Furuta to a game of Mahjong, which she is said to have won. Out of frustration, the boys beat her with iron sticks, kicked and punched her, and placed two short candles on her eyelids, burning them with the hot wax. Furuta eventually succumbed to her wounds and died later that day. Less than twenty-four hours after her death, Minato called his brother to tell him that Furuta is dead. They then wrapped her dead body in blankets and thrust it into a luggage bag. They then put her body in a 208 liters drum and filled it with wet concrete.

The boys were later arrested for the murder when the police came in as an investigation for another case where a woman and her toddler were kidnapped. However, the boys unaware of the fact confessed to the police about Furuta. At first, the police were confused, and later on, digging more, they found Furuta’s body. One tough fact was that despite the shocking brutality of their crime, their identities were secured by the court since they were all considered to be juveniles at the time of the crime.

According to one of the reports during sentencing, the judge commented that “exceptionally grave and atrocious violence” had been inflicted upon the victim, and that Junko Furuta had been “murdered so brutally at the young age of 17, that her soul must be wandering in torment”. This is not enough, listening to the details of the brutal rape and torture, a spectator in the courtroom fainted. Furuta’s mother was also reportedly had a mental breakdown, which required psychiatric treatment.

Junko furuta got recognized, her case was highlighted yet the sentence the boys received was protected by special clauses as they all were considered juvenile at the time of the crime. Though this case was apprehended but there remains a vast number of such mishappenings that go unreported every day. Women are subjected to daily torture in terms of domestic violence, physical abuse, and many more as they are seen as an object of self-gratification. Since the problem is with women, so are they the ones accountable to solve them?

Isn’t it? But don’t you think that if women could solve the problem they would have done the very day it started? So who remains? We think that men are the ones who can truly solve this issue. Do you know that only 10% of men commit crimes against women? Rest 90% of them are the good guys or what we say the gentlemen. So our question to all the good guys out there is- will you act or still choose to remain silent?

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  1. Really gross case. It shows that humans are the worst possible creatures in existence.
    This disgusting case is similar to one that occurred in Hong Kong, named the “Hello Kitty murder”, which is equally despicable.

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