Mohammed Saeed- 80 year Old Man and an Internet Sensation

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Desi jugaad never fails to awestruck and amaze its viewers. From making small adjustments to creating miracles- Jugaad has never been so quirky. And one such Jugaad is this customized bike invented by an 80 year old Mohammed Saeed, a man from Uttar Pradesh, Bareilly who claims himself to be a self-taught inventor. Now don’t take this as another customized bike as it offers shockingly amazing features from having your own mini ATM! Yes, you read it right, this bike named “Tarzan” don’t only have an ATM but a heck lot of other features as well which needs your attention at the very least. Let’s check them out.

Recently, you must have noticed a video going viral on social media where a man is voice commanding his bike to function. The YouTube video has garnered over 34,000 views. That man is Mohammed Saeed who just redefined the statement that “talent has no barrier”. This bike is a pure bliss for all the motorbike lovers out there who spent enough to DIY their newel bought bikes. Because this bike isn’t your Hero HF Deluxe or Royal Enfield Classic, instead it’s a 1987 model of ‘Sooraj’. Sooraj is renamed as Tarzan and this Tarzan is nothing less than the wonder !

Movie aside Alexa, Tarzan works on voice commanding. Which means that when the man says ‘start’ the bike automatically starts. It also happen that this bike can stand and park on its own- fully automatic. The music system works on your gestures, when you’ll ask to start the music will play whereas on your one hand gesture it can also go completely off. The mini ATM machine installed on the bike dispenses money coins on your voice command which is very much visible in the viral video itself. Not only this, but the bike has its own fan as well. Now, isn’t that amazing?


Mohammed Saeed who sells kohl is uneducated and has no degrees. But his experience with several things made him do the unexpected. As per YouTube, he is “self-trained electrician, stuntman, salesman, and an excellent crowd puller”. Many viewers also claims the video to be fake whereas many praised the efforts of the old man. Positive or negative, the man is now already a sensation.   


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