Must Visit these Mysterious places in India

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India is a beautiful country with rich culture and diversity. It’s full of norms, believe, rituals and yet mysteries. Mystery has always been the keen circle of interest for many of the people. So here, we present you the list of most mysterious places all around India.

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The Village of Twins, Kerala:

This village of Kodinhi is just 35 kilometres from Calicut and is a home to around 2,000 families. These families are famous for their large number of twin births every year. Currently, the village has recorded 200 twins. The place has been subject to a lot of curiosity by doctors and scientists to determine factors that might be responsible for this phenomenon. Though they are yet to determine the reason, and have cited the chemical composition of the water as well as the diet of the women of the area as well as various possible factors.

The Village of Twins, Kerala, Indianness

The Village of Twins

Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh shrine, Maharashtra:

This shrine near Pune has a rock that weighs over 70 kilograms. The rock is believed to be immovable and cannot be lifted by anyone else. Another extraordinary phenomenon about this rock is that after the process of 11 men lifting it and chanting the name of the saint, this rock apparently levitates and lifts up. According to some historians, the rock is over 800 years old and has been in the shrine since the beginning. Astonishing, right?

Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh shrine, Maharashtra

        Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh shrine, Maharashtra

Kuldhara, Rajasthan – The Abandoned Village:

This place is indeed very interesting as once it was the home for 1,500 Paliwal Brahmins, descendants of a community that had lived here for more than five centuries. But one night suddenly all the villagers left the village that too within the period of a single night! The reason for sudden evacuation that many believe that they have been cursed with any future settlements but the exact one still remains a mystery.

The Abandoned Village,Indian Village,Mysterious places in India

The Abandoned Village

Roopkund, Uttarakhand – The Skeleton Lake:

Every year as the ice melts in Roopkund, a glacial lake located at an elevation of 16,500 feet, hundreds of human skeletons are seen floating. Rediscovered in the year 1942 by a forest ranger, the skeletons in the Roopkund Lake have since then been shrouded in deep mystery. With the help of forensics and radiocarbon tests, researchers believe that the corpses are around 1,200 years old! Who these people were is still not known but many people believes that skeletons belongs to the people of King Jasdhawal of Kanauj, his pregnant wife and hundreds of servants, who were headed to Nanda Devi shrine on a pilgrimage. However, before they could reach their destination, they were caught in a terrible storm and with hailstones the size of cricket balls manage to Perish the whole group near the lake.

Roopkund, Uttarakhand,Indianness

 The Skeleton Lake

Jatinga– Bird Suicide:

Over the last 100 years, thousands of birds have flown to their death over a small piece of land in JatingaIndia. In a town of only 2,500 people, this strangely unique and mysterious Bermuda Triangle of fowl death remains largely unexplained. Locals believe that the birds die because of the evil spirit in the air while which is of course denied by many ornithologists. However the exact reason yet remains a mystery.

Jatinga- Bird Suicide, Indianness, The Indianness

Jatinga – Bird Suicide

These are just few of the odd places in INDIA, many more are yet to be discovered.


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