Mysteries of Mahendipur Balaji Temple:

Mehendipur Balaji Temple

India is indeed a place of mesmerizing forts, stunning beaches, magnificent hills and ironic culture. The extravagance of the country is well portrait in the diversity of its culture and religions. This package also includes mysteries and histories that are either known or completely out of range. India is a place of unheard stories and unrevealed tales, from erotic history of Khajuraho to undying mysteries of Kamakhya Devi Temple – there is a lot to know. Today, let’s explore the dimensions of Mehendipur Balaji temple, and disclose some of the mysteries that makes this temple one of the most mysterious temple of India.

Stories surrounding Mehendipur Balaji Temple

Amidst the Dausa district of Rajasthan lies Mehandipur Balaji Mandir, a noted Hindu temple entirely dedicated to the Hindu deity Hanuman. As you start getting close to this temple, uncanny voices and loud screams may fright your way. These are the voices of the people screaming as if someone was beating them. Passing through the shady corridors of the temple, outside one can easily locate people tied in chains and brawlers. A sight much reminds us of a movie screenplay by Vikram Bhatt as it is full of uneasy views and disturbing voices. It is believed that Mehendipur Balaji Temple is bestowed by magical powers and thus has become a pilgrimage site where thousands of devotees visiting each day. It is one such place in India where exorcised find relief from Black Magic. It is believed to be a guardian angel to protect from all the evil spirits of ghosts! If you ask a local about these screams, they may give you a very weird reason that these screams are not of the people instead of the evil spirit that is getting beaten inside their body. Scary as it may seem, Mehendipur Balaji Temple is full of ghostic experiences.

According to the local, “There is a divine power of lord Hanuman in Mehandipur. Because of this power people get rid of evil spirits or get cured of evilness. Due to this divine power, the ghosts who don’t want to leave the human body are beaten.”             

The legend of Mehendipur Balaji goes by, it is a place where three Hindu deities found home- Lord Hanuman, Pret Raj and Bhairav who are believed to be appeared on their own almost 1000 years ago. It is a home to an extravagant mystery and fascinating history. All these gods are believed to have powers to get rid of ghosts and evil spirits. It is believed that this power has to capability to treat people who have been inflicted by the evil spirits and also rescues them from the clutches of this dirty magic.

Mahendipur Balaji Temple

It is said that before building a temple, this place was a dense forest where Shri Mahant Ji use to worship Lord Hanuman. One day in his dream, all the three deities appeared and told him to do his duty by building a temple and worshipping them. He heard a voice of Balaji ordering him, “Take duty of serving me”. Since then there is temple where people worship all the three deities together. It is believed that the temple of Hanuman idol is self-constructed with stones of a hill, while the remaining part is constructed according to the wish of the three deities.  

If you ever get a chance visiting this temple, you may witness some of the most incredible sights. It’s not totally a scene out of a horror movie but more like a warm experience of something unique and new. This place is always crowded no matter what time of the day you choose to visit, a bunch of people are always throbbing to get the view of the idol. Every year several cases of stampede is recorded and multiple dies. You may also see people screaming in and out of the temple premises and local shops working 24 hours in shift to provide basic needs anytime you want one. Unlike any other temple of India, here at Mehendipur Balaji there isn’t any soothing temple bells sound instead deadly screams and uncanny voices.

One of the most astonishing fact of this place is that, parallel to any other regular temple, at Balaji, Prasad is not offered. As you step inside the temple, the shopkeepers try to sell Prasad and you must have to take that black colour ball because it is considered unlucky if you refuse to take them. But strangely it is not meant to be eaten, all you have to do is to rotate it five times around your body and then throw it in to the ritual fire! Strange enough, isn’t it? Also there are three important rituals that are practiced at the temple by the devotees, i.e Durkhasta, Arzi and Savamani. These rituals are followed in a sequence with a lot of faith and belief. The lord Hanuman who is believed to be the redeemer of crises, sorts out all you problems and also showers his blessings.

As you step inside the temple, you may see it divided into 4 chambers. The starting two are of Lord Balaji and Bhairav but by the time you reach the third chamber, your surrounding starts getting ugly and horrific as you see a mob of men and women banging their heads on the walls and doing all sorts of creepy activities that may scare the hell out of you. The fourth chamber is dedicated to Pret Raj. You may see pandits beating them and chanting several mantaras that are enough to make you leave the place as soon as possible. Also the place has only one rule that is “not to touch” policy. As people are believed to be influenced by evil spirits, it is often advised not to touch or take anything from the temple as it may affect you as well. While leaving the temple, never look back as the evil spirits might be watching you and if you look back they can get the invitation. The official also instruct people not to consume any water or food before leaving the place. As you leave the temple empty all your food and water bottles. So, you know what you need to do, first stay out of contact of anything you see in the temple and second never look back your way!


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