National Doctors’ Day

Doctors' Day

When you have cough, whom do you seek? When you get injured, who do you prefer? When you have a pain, who is the one you go to? Doctors of course! They are the savior we all look up to. National Doctors Day in India is observed on 1st July every year to raise awareness about the roles, importance and responsibilities of doctors and also to promote medical professionals to come closer and take their responsibilities dedicatedly.

God provided us with life and doctors are the one to prolong it. Perhaps the duty of doctors include work all their lives to mitigate the sufferings of the others. And there we have doctors like Dr. Manoj Kumar, who nearly a decade ago, left his psychiatric practice in the United Kingdom and flew back to India only to improve health care conditions in his area. Dr. Abhijit Sonawane, on the other hand is working tough curing the poor of their illnesses. And there are many others- Dr. Manoj Durairaj or be it Dr. Yogi Aeron whose contributions are nothing less than a blessing for the society. Doctors are regarded with high status in the society. Doctors are the savior of our live, they help us when we needed them the most and are thus are considered next to god. The doctor’s day is mostly celebrated to thank the doctors around the world for helping patients at the time of need. National Doctor’s Day is observed to honour the physician and West Bengal’s second Chief Minister, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy whose birth and death anniversary coincides in the same day. This day is a tribute to all doctors around the world. The 2019 theme of National Doctor’s Day will be “Zero tolerance to violence against doctors and clinical establishment”. Every year the theme is announced by the Indian Medical Association. The theme is set to raise awareness about the raising violence against doctors in India. Celebrations include awareness campaigns and free medical check-up camps are organized at various health care centers and public places by the health care organizations to promote quality medical services free of cost among public.

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Although violence against doctors and other health workers is not uncommon, the incidence in India seems to be increasing. Violence against health service providers is only a manifestation of this malady. The Prevention of Violence against Medicare Persons and Institutions Acts, which have been notified in 19 states in the past 10 years, have failed to address the issue.  According a survey conducted in India 75% of doctors have faced violence at work. Out of this report 48.8% of such incidents reported from intensive care units or after the patient had undergone a surgery. Throughout the country we can see health care professionals protesting to stop this violence and demanding the government seeking central law that ensures their safety. Doctors at Nagpur’s Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and hospital have asked for licensed guns to defend themselves. So when the doctors today have started learning defense medicine, the scenario isn’t much hard to imagine.

It is the duty of doctors to cure people when in need. So when these doctors can treat us 365 days then why can’t we give prestige to them on a single day? We need to stop the raging violence against doctors in the country. In a country where even visitors are considered next to god, how can a doctor be violated? Doctors provide treatment, then how will the society be able reciprocate the same when a doctor is violated? This Doctors Day let’s take a pledge to stop violence against them and thank them for their unending help and treatments. The growing violence against doctors in the country is not a democratic issue but a moral one. It is our responsibility to make everyone feel safe in a country where they all belongs to, then whether be it a doctor or a cobbler. They all have their respective positions and occupations and we are no one to threaten their existence.


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