Piyush, Yogesh and Ranchod’s ‘rape-mukt Bharat’!

Piyush, Yogesh and Ranchod

There are numerous silent secrets and unheard stories hold deep inside our hearts only to feel the suffocation and sufferings till we breathe last. And many of those secrets are of sexual harassment who don’t find words to come out but mostly no courage to let it go. This is the reality not only in India, not only with women but throughout the globe and across mankind. Sexual harassment is an issue that is pervasive as well as damaging on the same hand.

A recent report by NCRB reveals a darker side of the crimes against women. According to the report, a total of 3,59,849 cases were reported of crimes against women in 2017. Among these UP tops, the list as 56,011 cases of crime against women was reported alone. Followed by Maharashtra with 31,979 cases and 30,002 in West Bengal. Rape by known persons still bears a large part of all the cases reported. Out of 32,559 reported cases, in 93.1 percent cases, the accused were known to the victims. A total of 6,63,33 cases of abduction was reported, an increase of 4,152 cases of attempt to rape was seen in 2017. According to Thompsons foundation’s survey, India is the most dangerous country for women worldwide, every 3 minutes a crime against women is committed somewhere in the nation. And then if we take a look at pending cases, 108 cases of rape and murder are pending in 2017 whereas out of 108382 cases of female abduction 14,406 are still pending. When on one hand only a few cases of rapes are reported in the country and out of them so many remains in the pending quo, what fate awaits for women in the country? A survey also reveals that 24% of men have committed sexual violence at some point in their lives.

So, it’s very much evident that the country desperately needs people who can come out and speak about this evil. Piyush, Yogesh, and Ranchod are three such boys who have choosen to speak up by their ‘rape mukt Bharat’ campaign. This is their story.

Piyush, Yogesh and Ranchod’s campaign against rape!

Not in a mood to join the bandwagon of ever going protest, the trio of Piyush, Yogesh and Ranchod decided to address the issue in a slightly different manner. Piyush Monga, Yogesh Rawal, and Ranchod Devashi paved all the way across the country on a cycle to sensitize the young generation to be the real change-makers and demanding death penalty for the culprits! Their journey started in October 2019 which was waved off by Nirbhaya’s mother. First, they stopped at Kutch where they discussed Rape with the locals, a much-needed discussion. They also went to schools and met students and principals to raise awareness. Along with meeting locals, the trio had also made a list of several rape victims and meet them and their families simultaneously. So far they have covered 162 schools from various states including Haryana and Rajasthan and had also visited almost 73 towns yet.

Piyush, Yogesh and Ranchod

Piyush Monga, the Haryana born 23-year-old youth, was doing a decent job in a reputed company in Delhi. But it was the daily rape headlines and news that triggered him to do something different. Yogesh Rawal and Ranchod Devashi are from the Sirohi district of Rajasthan who later joined Piyush in his initiative. They have also formed an Instagram page known as ‘Youth against rape’ which today has more than 50,000 followers.

“All this news of sexual violence made me feel as we are uncivilized. We started a debate on social media and from there we decided to take the issue even to the young people of rural India.” Told Piyush to Times of India.

The journey of Piyush, Yogesh and Ranchod might take almost three years to complete. After Kutch, they will cover other major states of India such as Ahmedabad, Vadodra and Surat. They have faced both, good as well as bad deceptions. According to Ranchod, nothing will change in this country because of the constant mindset of the people. They just can’t comprehend with the term ‘rape’. Well, this isn’t truly surprising because that has been in society for centuries. The shame associated with rape doesn’t allow the majority to talk about it. It’s the sick mentality that instigates such crimes to keep on happening and these people further do victim shaming. We guess our society is designed in such a way that these prejudices will keep on harassing women’s survival in the country. With Piyush, Yogesh and Ranchod comes the hope of improvement. This young trio is fighting against all the odds to deliver a greater output. Hats off to their dedication and the team of The Indianness wish them success!  


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