PM Modi announced ‘Janata Curfew’ amid coronavirus!

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So are you about to be shut in? You had already stocked the fridge? Have you started working from home? Well, that’s what we call a lockdown.

But it’s not impossible to live under lockdown during the coronavirus epidemic and the world has the evidence! In order to boost the people’s morale, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Thursday evening, announcing a ‘Janata Curfew’ on Sunday from 7 am to 9 pm. In his speech, he also addressed people to come out of their homes at 5 pm at the ring of a siren and appreciate those working in essential services like media, medical staff, cleaners, delivery services, etc by clapping and ringing bells.

How we can manage this JANATA CURFEW?

Coronavirus or COVID- 19 is an epidemic threatening humanity! A SARS-like virus outbreak originating in Wuhan city of China is spreading throughout the globe including neighboring countries, and even the far afield as Australia, the US, and Europe. India too has been in stage 2 of coronavirus! And the death toll so far has been disturbing. Amidst all this one biggest precaution is quarantine, but is it possible to stay lockdown for months? Well, it’s not impossible either, currently, China and Italy have shown us, that this quarantine is the best way to fight against coronavirus! So, Indian fella’s tuck up your belts, prepare yourself for the ‘JANATA CURFEW’, we are going to fight this epidemic together!

janata curfew

Scientists are still researching but as of now, no proper vaccine has been introduced to fight this epidemic. So, steel yourself for weeks of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Here are a few tips that can help you suffer the quarantine, Wash your hands right away when you walk into the house. If you want to switch on the lights make sure you do it with your knuckle, an elbow, a key, or the back of your hand. Then, it is straight to the sink to wash up. Toss your clothes into the wash every day, disinfect your house and make sure to maintain social distancing as much as possible. Throughout the world, we have seen people compromising to break out of this epidemic. So, it’s our bit and call, as long as we are able to combat this together we can kill it together too. Sanitize areas where you either prepare or eat food such as your kitchen counter and dining table, the same goes for remote controls and other gadgets. Or you can try using paper or plastic products more just to reduce having to share products with others. But at the time of supply shortage, all you can do is disinfect every possible thing like cups, towels or cutlery much as you can and try washing stuff with hot water. Stock up your fridge beforehand but make sure you don’t cause a hoard for others. Remember sharing is caring. Don’t order take-out, because it can cause a threat to you as well for the person who will do the delivery services? And people please don’t panic over masks, do not wear all the time, you just need to wear it whenever you go out- definitely not all the time. Also, keep yourself up to date with everyday news just to know about the things your government had prepared for you, it is often seen that during all such chaos, the manipulators and criminals find their way to sneak in! So, stay informed and alert. Do not fell prey to such people.

Also, we can’t underestimate how serious a mental strain the virus puts on each and every one of us can be. Trying to protect yourself and your loved ones when the science is changing and while you’re worrying about your work, your children’s schooling and your day-to-day life is exhausting. But we need to stay constructive for everyone around us, we have to first believe in ourselves and then in science. There are people out who are risking their lives to work for you, so it’s your call no to risk their lives and stay at home. Such seemingly casual choices we make can have a big impact on someone else’s life. So, people don’t panic but don’t take it too lightly either, follow the instructions, follow the ‘Janata Curfew’ and try to stay at home- Together we can fight coronavirus!


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