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Popular Fast fashion brands for Gen-Z in India

Gen Z is the people born between the late 1990s and early 2010s. These people are shaping the fashion trends with their preference for all types of odd clothing that were unacceptable back in time. According to studies, almost 98% of these people own a smartphone and more than half of them use it to learn and educate fashion among others in the third quarter of last year, they averaged more than 4 hours a day on social apps that don’t include gaming time!

Another thing that has grown simultaneously is their frenzy over not just e-commerce platforms but all sorts of home-grown brands. Gen Z has moved beyond e-commerce and has become a home with social commerce which is the practice of purchasing wholly within a social media platform. Gen Z shoppers already account for 40% of global consumers and will shape the future of commerce for decades to come.

For this generation, fashion is not limited to just items, today it has become synonymous with the statement. That is why today these people could be seen wearing and rocking clothes that a decade ago were socially unacceptable! Their craze for oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts, and all things cool and distinct, are emerging as an important and expressive consumer group to influence purpose-driven brands. And if you are one of them, you might be familiar with these brands!

Here is the list of popular fast fashion brands to die for in India!


All set for your next reel, but doesn’t know what to wear? Don’t worry, Urbanic has it all! Founded in 2019, the London-based clothing brand has become a sensation among Gen Z and millennial shoppers. Today, their app crossed more than 15 million downloads positioning it as a preferred shopping destination among the youth. Recently, its tie-up with another e-commerce giant Myntra has definitely widened its reach and popularity all over the country! 

Fast fashion

Urbanic is not just an average shopping platform in India, it is popular for selling European style fashion and this fashion is different. Unlike sweatshirts and shimmering dresses, Urbanic is famous for selling quirky sets of pieces. From wide-legged jeans, cute summer dresses, glamorous cut-out tops, Y2K clothing, and psychedelic prints to sexy lingerie, Urbanic has it all. Think of Hailey Bieber and Kendal Jenner on a single plate? Yup, that’s Urbanic for you!

Pro tip- Their jeans are super comfy and unique while their tops are cheap, stylish and so unique in patterns that they couldn’t be found anywhere else. Though you have wiggle room for dresses, never doubt their denim.


Freakins are what we call SAFE FASHION. This brand introduced the STW (Sterilized till worn process), packaging with specialized sterilized bags, and of course recycling in the market. Every clothing bag comes with a special paper that specifies the application of sterilization before and after the treatment. They are soon planning to launch the AV40 process – Antiviral Chemical Process on all their fashion products from the next collection. It is a fashion with a cause!

Fast fashion

‘Be Bold and Fearless’ is the mantra at Freakins. All kinds of Denim jeans and jackets could be found on their platform. They offer a variety of denim wearables for women like jeans, skirts, tops, joggers, dresses, shirts, and jackets at an affordable price. Additionally, their collection is eco-friendly that reduces the use of water, electricity, and chemicals by 75 percent.

Pro tip- Always look for quirky printed jeans at the store as the collection they have couldn’t be found anywhere else, while for the skirts and tops, you could always find cheap alternatives unless you really worry about climate!

SSS or Street Style Store

This brand as it suggests offers clothing at affordable rates. The rates of their footwear are comparatively lower than the rates you might see on other e-commerce websites. As the company works solely in India, their delivery time is a bit too much than the rest, they take up to 21 days to a month to deliver the order, which is disclosed before the order. Though the products might take time to reach you, the wait is worth it!

Fast fashion

From attractive offers to quality products, SSS has been a brand that offers affordability at the doorstep. But this brand is only recommended for those who are patient and do not require products early, as the site may take more than a month sometimes to deliver the items, however that is just to ensure that their customers receive the best products. 

Pro tip- More than clothing, look out for footwear, they offer a really great collection of affordable footwear that comes in all sizes. Just make sure to order one size smaller than your regular size as their size chart works differently than the rest.


Roadster is becoming a big name in India. It was launched back in November 2012 by Gautam Kotamraju, and offers outerwear and denim and retails exclusively on Myntra and Flipkart’s online platforms. It has annualized a massive gross sale of 650 crore rupees, making it bigger than any other brand on Myntra!

Fast fashion

They provide good clothing at a real affordable range of prices including denim, trousers, shirts, tees, footwear, and more for men & women). Other than this, they also offer a wide range of shoe collections, especially for men. They are rapidly growing their popularity among the young audience.

Pro tip- Their size chart is different and it starts from people 6 feet tall while the average height of men in India starts from 5.5, so whenever you order make sure to examine their size chart before ordering.

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