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Popxo- India’s largest online women community

So when we talk about women specified platforms in India, we all look up to Popxo. Popxo is the largest online community for women in India. They have their own active website, YouTube platforms, blogs and other profiles. On Popxo, women talk about all the things that matter to them across geographies, demographics and sensibilities. It is a cool mixture of fun and education. Popxo also provides a fine ground for women to connect and work together, a platform which only talks about women and womanhood. Currently, the firm is active in three cities, London, Delhi and Mumbai.

The Journey

Born in 2 June 1980, Priyanka has roots in both the UK and India. She is a British journalist and entrepreneur. After graduating from King’s College, she wanted to leverage her business venture. She launched her first startup in 2013 name with co-founder Namrata Bostrom in United Kingdom. Estylista was basically created for Indian women living abroad and spoke specifically to their issues like beauty or the Style Council, lifestyle, relationships and everything in total. But in the first few months only, the duo was surprised with the large interaction and mostly from India and that’s when they thought India to be a prominent space. Back then in India, there were no organizations working for women or focusing only on women unlike US or UK. So the idea Popxo turned out to be a promising one. It is a fun, informative, interactive, digital-first, content platform for women. POPxo claimed to have 1 Mn unique visitors in the first six month! They brought totally new concept of modern women working and bringing out lifestyle or beauty portals. The team also set their target audience back then dividing them in two categories of 18-25 age group and the 25-40 age group. And today, probably, there’s no women in the country unaware of Popxo. The blogs focuses on sex, lifestyle, health, makeup, relationships and everything fun learning.

“We talk about stuff that is real – and what women in India struggle with or are looking for in their daily lives. When we write about fashion and beauty, it’s not just about luxe products and looking good. It’s about things like affordable styling tips for the average hard-working, constantly stretched Indian woman, effective DIY home remedies for slightly embarrassing beauty problems, about feminine hygiene and health,” says Priyanka, in a report published by YourStory.

Priyanka Gill,Popxo,online women communiyt,lifetyle and fashion,india,indianness

The major niche of Popxo was that, women find it very relatable to their day to day life and hence it was a platform where most women find relevance with. Two important milestones occurred in the first year were when they managed to raise $465K (INR 3 Cr) Seed funding from prominent investors such as Rajan Anandan and the company turned the base to New Delhi. One principle for success is to hit the ground people and that’s what they did. They included style councils followed by bloggers from Tier II cities who were blogging from a long time and had a critical mass of followers. This way they started connecting to the ground people thus increasing the interaction. They also tried their hands on video vlogs and created their own YouTube channel in 2016. The content was produced by freelancers and uploaded on the channel back then. Today their YouTube channel holds 2.49 million subscribers. They publish English based content. Though back in 2016 they started their Hindi version as well, but the channel didn’t worked as expected, so they stopped posting in Hindi. In November 2014, raised US$ 500,000 in a round of funding from individual investors. Soon the company also raised $2 Mn in Series A from Kalaari Capital and IDG Ventures.     

Popxo new project- Plixxo was Leveraging bloggers and Style Influencers to build POPxo reach. It was a project which aim to shelter somewhat 10 thousand influencers such as bloggers, you tubers, style influencers all together and help them communicate with brands. This way the company was getting many brands under their project like Myntra, Puma, OOPO, Jabong, L’Oreal e.t.c. Currently it has almost 150 brands working with it. Plixxo is also a promising platform for young women to try their hands in and find desirable employment opportunities. Popxo, today has a big team with 85% of employees being female. Priyanka, now don’t work on the content but focus on marketing and managing only, rest of the work is managed by the team. Besides Popxo, Gill is currently a contributing editor for Harpers Bazaar India. She also writes for publications such as The Guardian, Vogue India and Hello Pakistan.

Popxo is really heating up the space of social media and bringing out unique content daily. It is a platform where most of the women find relevance to and desires to work with. On Instagram, one must have seen young bloggers finding their way hard to get a chance at Popxo. This is the hype it had created in the women community of India through their hard work and passion.      

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