Procrastinator: why are you like that?


Do you also wait for the deadline to complete the project? Or you study an hour before from the exam? Are you a procrastinator? If yes, do you know how your mind works? Well, this article will explain who procrastinators are, how their mind works and most importantly do they need to change?

Procrastinators is a person who delays or puts things off  like work, chores, or other actions, that should be done in a timely manner and have a deadline to complete. They are the kind of people who will decide where to go on New Year on 31st of December or would wait till today to complete shopping for an event tomorrow. People mostly refers to them as lazy and sluggish. But they are the procrastinators! Now procrastination are of four types- Anxious procrastination, fun procrastination, “Plenty of time” procrastination, and Perfectionist procrastination. Now, anxious procrastination is a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or a decision. Many of us feels too anxious to start preparing for a dance competition, working on a project or even to decide which restaurant to dine in, finally ending up withdrawing our name from the competition and not going to the restaurant – that’s exactly how it works. Fun procrastination comes when we start ditching work just to spend more time watching movies, playing video games or just scrolling through our Facebook feeds. They won’t start that boring project until the very last day of submission. “Plenty of time” procrastination comes when the deadline is way too long. They start feeling relax thinking that there is plenty of time to work; only to realize later that there is no time left. And the last one is perfectionist procrastination, which means that in order to deliver perfectionism- people procrastinate! This type of procrastination is extremely weird because the person here somehow uses the excuse of perfectionism to expand the deadline.


So what’s exactly inside the mind of a procrastinator?

To understand this, it is important to know that both procrastinator and non-procrastinator minds are alike, with both having rational decision making abilities. It’s just that people who procrastinate seems to fell for that instant gratification loophole. They don’t complete a task until the deadline and sometime even after that. They tend to focus more on the fun centering actions than the productive and sensible one. And it’s not that procrastinators are different- everyone procrastinate at some point in their life. It is extremely important for people to be rational decision maker as well as show instant gratification. Okay, it’s very common that people procrastinate but ‘often procrastination’ is different from ‘situation procrastination’. They sometimes overlap- while for non-procrastinators, their panic monster may arrive much earlier than the deadline; whereas for the procrastinators it won’t arrive until the very late. When there’s no real deadline, the panic monster doesn’t appear to give extra push which means that is the real source of some people’s frustration. While the brain of non-procrastinators will decide the perfect time to do the task and will go according to it, the brain of a procrastinators will also think to do the same task and the same time but might not like that plan to execute it! So they may spend time doing more fun and leisure activities than doing the right thing. The rational decision making ability in your mind will keep on provoking you to make it all sensible but the instant gratification is where the procrastinators always end up until the panic cue arrive. That’s how a mind of a procrastinator works. But this is the only situation with the procrastination that involves a deadline. The other kind of procrastination that doesn’t have a deadline may work totally differently. In these cases people doesn’t get panic to do things until it’s too late. And this is the major kind of procrastination that you, me and everyone around the globe is experiencing. Either it’s about taking care of your health, starting a career or even going out for a vacation.   

Do procrastinator needs to change?

Well, maybe yes or maybe no. It depends on the situation you are in. Well, procrastinating doesn’t always mean that you are not creative. It is proved several times that the procrastinators are slightly more creative than the non-procrastinators. Okay, this isn’t a bingo point! As it’s doesn’t happen every time. This again only applies for deadline procrastination. Whereas for the deadline less procrastination- this argument is still not valid. So take a moment, think, what are you really procrastinating on? Will you regret it later? Or do you need to change?


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