Real-Time Hogwarts of India – Mayong Village!


Since childhood, every kid must have heard about the witch stories from their granny, and we used to ask her to tell a different story every time, also nearly everyone has watched Harry porter right? Its mantras and picturization of black magic have sure to fantasies both the kids and youngsters, but what if I tell you about the real-time Hogwarz, and it is not even fictional for sure, located in India which still holds the master in witchcraft and well known among about the folklore history.

Yes, you heard it right, 40 km away from the state capital of Guwahati in Assam towards the Probitora Wildlife Sanctuary, there lies the land of black magic – Mayong. This black magic land is situated in the beautiful Marigaon district, on the edges of the holy river Brahmaputra. It is said that this village has been the centre of excellence of magic and sorcery in India for centuries.

It is believed that in this village, one can sense silence and mystery lurking all around. Over the years this village has attracted many tourists due to its deep dark history in the world of black magic art.

This India’s black magic capital not only masters in black magic but also includes witchcraft, sorcery and necromancy, which were not practised by the people of village but also have been passed down over the generations since its inception, the strict rules of the town didn’t allow them to share this art with the outsiders, and maybe that is the reason why this art of black magic is still preserved there and saved from the outer world.

It is strongly believed that local folklore and the ancient scriptures such as Mahabharata upholds the connection with sorcery and the archaeological findings of different weapons and heavy sharp objects which give us signs of human sacrifices perform in the ancient era. Well Does that provide you with heebie-jeebies?

How Mayong got its name

The starting point of the name Mayong is upheld by various stories and sources; in any case, there isn’t any solid proof of them being valid. A few people say that it is gotten from the Sanskrit word Maya, which signifies ‘hallucination’. In contrast, others accept that it is taken from the phrase miyong, which means elephant in the Dimasa language.

A few local people say that in the old time, the spot used to be the environment of the Moirang tribe from Manipur and accordingly, the word moirang became mayhong lastly, transformed into Mayong.

Mayong and mythology

Mayong discovers its notice in the legendary epic Mahabharata, alongside Pragjyotishpura (antiquated Assam). Legend has it that Chief Ghatotkacha participated in the skirmish of Mahabharata in the wake of achieving diverse enchanted forces from Mayong. Individuals in the town even accept that numerous more seasoned holy people and witches who rehearsed dark enchantment still take cover in the wildernesses here.

The history of the witchcraft town – Mayong

There are nearly all sorts of popular, creepy stories about the town, like men being turned into animals, people disappearing into thin air, wild beasts were tamed using magic, etc. Though there is no such evidence to all of this, the locals and older people here claim that they have seen such things happen in Mayong; therefore, regard these crazy legends to be true.

Since days of yore, Mayong has been the focal point of wizardry and black magic in India. What’s more, in this manner, various practices were completed here, out of which Narbali, or human penance, was the most conspicuous one. In this training, as a piece of the ceremonies of adoring Goddess Shakti, people were yielded to achieve different forces of dark enchantment. Ongoing unearthings in Mayong have discovered swords that were utilized to slaughter people, hundreds of years back.

The magic of Mayong

The lion’s share of the number of inhabitants in Mayong knows and practices dark enchantment. At the point when you visit here, local people will offer you palm perusing. A portion of the individuals here work as crystal gazers and guarantee to foresee an individual’s future utilizing shells and broken glass pieces.

There are numerous specialists in Mayong also, regularly known as bez or ojaa. They don’t utilize any prescriptions to treat ailment, however dark enchantment and most likely have phantoms working for them as aides. Unpleasant, correct? Local people say that these specialists use copper plates to treat torment. They place the plate on the damage, serenade a couple of mantras and hang tight for it to ‘destroy’ all the suffering. If an individual is experiencing extreme agony, the plate would then overheat and crush onto the ground. Individuals here likewise guarantee that numerous interminable illnesses have been restored in Mayong by dark enchantment.

The witch specialists likewise utilize their enchantment to find lost property. As indicated by the neighbourhood individuals, when somebody loses their ownership, they go to the specialist, who puts a bloom inside a metal bowl and starts reciting mantras. With enchantment, the bowl begins proceeding onward its own on the ground, right to where the lost thing is kept.

Tourism in Mayong

Because of its strange past and dark enchantment, Mayong is steadily transforming into a place of interest. In case you’re a curious explorer, experience darling, history buff or are captivated by a dark enchantment, Mayong can be an intriguing spot to look at. The town has various curios and archaeological relics, alongside individual books on antiquated Ayurveda and dark magic, which can also be found in the Mayong Central Museum and Emporium. You can even interface with the neighbourhood individuals, get familiar with certain accounts or find a couple of enchantment stunts.

Near Mayong, there is the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, which has the most elevated number of one-horned rhinos on the planet. The Mayong Pobitora Festival is commended here each November, and it is the place you will get the opportunity to see a surprising combination of enchantment and natural life.


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