Stambheshwar Mandir: The Mystery of Disappearance

Stambheshwar Mandir

What if we were to tell you that Lord Shiva likes to play hide and seek with you? Sometimes it’s not just faith that takes us to the religious sites, it is curiosity and mysteries that pull us towards them. India is hub of mysteries and histories. A country holding around 2 million Hindu temples also holds two million stories of suspense, thrill and peculiarity. Stambheshwar Mandir, Gujarat is just another temple where more than devotees you can find hundreds of curious minds flocking around. This temple is popular for it’s Mysteries of Disappearance. Let’s try to explore these puzzles and look at a broader perspective of what Stambheshwar Mandir has to offer.

The Glory of Stambeshwar Mandir

The Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is located in the town of Kavi Kamboi, of Gujarat. This ancient temple dedicated to lord Shiva is situated amid the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Cambay. It is a 150 years old Shiva temple which is famous for its mysteries of disappearances. On judging the temple by its architecture or appearance, there’s nothing extraordinary to tell about but still this place is very unusual must visit temple of India. The amusing part of the temple lies in the fact that it gets totally submerged into the Sea during the high tide hours and by the time these tides start getting low, it again starts emerging out of the sea. Inch by inch, devotees can witness the unveiling of 4 feet high Shiva lingam! It submerge every day and reappear every day and people from round the country come here just to see this amazing sight.

Stambheshwar Mandir

Legend says that this Shiva lingam was installed by Lord Kartikeya himself, who was the son of Lord Shiva. The demon Tarakasura pleased Shiva with harsh penance and asked him a boon that only Shiva’s son would be able to kill him and that too at the age of just six days. After which he started creating a havoc, all gods, sage and monks were extremely troubled by Tarakasura. According to Hindu Mythology, Kumarika khand in Skand Purana says that Lord Kartikeya killed the demon king Tarakasura who by chance was too a devotee of Lord Shiva. Upon killing the demon, Lord Kartikeya felt guilty of killing his father devotee but Lord Vishnu consoled him by saying that there’s nothing wrong in killing the demon who troubles the people. However, this consolation was not enough for Lord Kartikeya who wanted to absolve this sin. Seeing Kartikeya sincere emotions, Lord Vishnu advised him to install a Shiva Lingam and pray for forgiveness.  This is how the Stambeshwar Mandir came into existence. This temple is pure extravaganza of nature!

How to reach Stambeshwar Mandir?

The Stambeshwar Mandir is located in Kavi Kamboi which has well road connectivity. It is connected to some of the major towns like Vadodara, Bharuch and Bhavnagar. All these towns has well railway networks, the nearest railway station for Stambeshwar Mandir will be Vadodara Railway Station. However, the most convenient and best way to reach the destination is by hiring a private cab or going by personal vehicle. Also, give this place full day time, both night and day, this way you would be able to see come complete submerge of the temple and its reappearance which is indeed one of the most incredible sight!  

Curators of beliefs of a billion people, these sanctifying sights of India rood the borders of measure to bless the lives around them. The Histories and theories associated with the temples of India can truly change your perception of life. It’s not just a religious saying, and we are not only talking about temples, here we include all the religious places of the country. They consciously or unconsciously has the power to provide you with the broader perspective of life. Once you visit such places, the amount of relief, contentment and temperament you feel is enough in itself to deliver the complete meaning of life. Along with this, the package include satisfying your thirst of curiosity and knowledge as it gives a full scope uniqueness. Each place in itself has something in store that can blow your mind out of complete sanity. And this is what India welcomes you with!


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