Stories that remind us of Childhood


Childhood is a beautiful phase of life with no worries, no stress, and absolute pleasure. It is a phase equidistant from the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. From everywhere, somewhere to nowhere, childhood is reminiscing of stumbled toes, scribbled crayons, torn clothes, and worriless smiles. A time of our life where we run no race, no fret, no perturbation and ain’t no fuss. Talking about childhood and not remembering school is a false check of childhood memories because the best memories we make are indeed made in school. We make friends that last forever, we do mistakes, we repent, we move on and we remember.

And today we are remembering the tales of childhood that are common to everyone, taken to the heart and answered in the exams. Yes, we are talking about the classic tales of our NCERT textbooks! Don’t worry, we won’t talk about the boring syllabus, education policies, or uninterested lectures. Today we will recall a glimpse of those stories that remain in the back of your memories.

Stories of NCERT books those are more than just syllabus

Below are some of the stories that have somehow managed to grow with the millennial generation by not only time but also by heart.

The Enemy:

Written by Pearl Sydenstricker Buck, The Enemy, is a story of compassion, loyalty, patriotism, and humanity. It narrates the tale of Dr. Sadao and an American soldier. Dr. Sadao lives in a solitary home along the seashore in Japan. The story took place during World War 2 when Japan and America were in a state of war. All the doctors from Japan were allotted to the frontline but Dr. Sadao was relieved from the duty to treat an old General in the country. One day, a fatally wounded American soldier has washed ashore in front of Dr. Sadao’s house. When he and his wife, Hana, first saw the soldier, they thought of putting him back in the sea but humanity in them wouldn’t let them so do. They took him inside the house and started treating his wound. Seeing an American soldier being treated in the house, all of Sadao’s servants were not in favor of it. They denied any assistance and threatened to leave the house. But Sadao was adamant about treating the soldier and thus his servants left the home.

kabuliwala,the enemy

Sadao operates on the American. He starts the surgery and took out the bullet from his shoulder, which lay unconscious. They look after him for few days, but Hana was becoming restless because all of the servants left, she asked Sadao to get rid of the soldier. Sadao promised to do something. Just then the house bell rang, a chill ran their spines, as if found of treating an American, both of them will be put to jail.  But when Sadao opened the door, the officers asked for Sadao’s assistance to the general. He quickly went with them. While treating the General, Sadao told him the complete story of his encounter with the American soldier. The general didn’t say much and told him that he would send personal assassinators to Sadao’s home that night to help him get rid of the soldier.

That night the soldier has regained consciousness and he was pleased by Dr. Sadao’s hospitality. He thanked him for all the favors and promises to leave once he gets better. But Sadao that night was only waiting for the assassins, he waited three consecutive nights but no assassin came. During this time his inner consciousness was at war as to what he was doing was right or not. But in the war of morals and humanity, the latter won, and Sadao decided to help the soldier escape. He gave him a boat, food, water, blanket, and a flashlight and set him to an isolated island nearby from where he can take a Korean boat back home without getting caught. He also told him to give him a signal by flashing two times if no boat arrives or he runs out of food or water.

The soldier thanked him and went away. For several days no light came from the island and Sadao realized that the American had escaped safely. The next day he went on his monthly visit to the General and told him that the Soldier escaped. The general said he has forgotten to send the assassins and it’s good if the soldier is no more. Sadao was happy and the story of The Enemy ends.


Kabuliwala is one of the most heart-wrenching and emotional story of our childhood. Rabindranath Tagore’s short story ‘Kabuliwala’ talks about the life of a migrant worker who faces several atrocities just to give a better life to his daughter. A widower named Rahmat lives with his daughter Ameena in Afghanistan. But as the winter approaches, he has no money left to feed the family. Thus giving his daughter to her grandmother, Rahmat was forced to move in order to fend for the family. Before leaving, he took the hand imprints of his daughter on a handkerchief as a souvenir. He comes to India and starts selling dry fruits and warm clothes like shawls door to door.


 Because of his weird look, a huge turban, Pathani suit with a huge bag, he is taken as a ‘baba’, who would kidnap children and keep them in his bag. Children fear his name and would run away whenever he comes to sell things. But Mini, the daughter of a writer called Sajjan Kumar befriended him, who was of the same age as that Ameena. He would go there every day, play with Mini, tell her stories and give her dry fruits. Due to this her father also befriended Kabuliwala despite her mother’s skepticism. After collecting a good amount of money, Kabuliwala decides to go back to his daughter Ameena. To collect his dues from a man who has bought a shawl worth Rs.18 from him, Kabuliwala goes to his house. When he asks for his money, the man abuses him and starts fighting. Angry and insulted, the Pathan takes out a knife to threaten but accidentally kills him.

A case is registered on Pathan and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He spends his days in prison remembering his daughter and Mini. When he was released after 10 years, he decides to visit Mini. When he goes to her house he sees a grown-up Mini about to get married. The grown-up Mini does not recognize him anymore and at that moment Kabuliwala realizes that his own daughter too would also have forgotten him. Though Mini didn’t recognize him, her father did and eventually gave him money for Afghanistan in the hope of being reunited with Ameena.

The Tiger King:

The Tiger King written by Kalki Krishnamurthy tells a story of a man summoned to destiny despite his great efforts to alter the course. The story starts with Maharaja Sir Jilani Hung Bahadur of Pratibandapuram when an astrologer predicts that a tiger will kill him. When he was 20, he was crowned king and came to know about the prediction about his death. From then onwards he banned tiger hunting in the state and took up hunting himself. He killed all the tigers in the state himself until no more is left. He successfully killed all the 70 tigers in the state, but his target of 100 was not completed. Thus, to successfully slay 100 tigers, he married a princess from a state that had more tigers. After the marriage, he would often visit the in-laws to go hunting. By this time he has managed to kill 99 tigers in total, but all the tiger’s in his in-law’s state also vanished. Thus, the king became furious and starts shouting at his managers to anyhow arrange the 100th tiger for him.

kabuliwala,the tiger king

Scared of the king’s wrath, the Dewan bought an old tiger and tied him in the forest. He then came to the kingdom and told Maharaja about him. Maharaja then went hunting and shot the tiger. He was so happy that he had changed the Prophesy that he failed to notice that his bullet has missed and the tiger was alive (only fainted due to the sound).  His Dewan also didn’t dare to tell the truth and after the Maharaja left, he killed the tiger. The Maharaja on his son’s birthday gave him a wooden tiger, but as it is said that fate finds its way back- he was picked by wood and died of infection. In the end, it was concluded that nobody can escape their fates.


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