Superstitions in India and theories behind them!

India is a diverse nation which holds a lot of superstitions, from lemon and chilly to crack mirrors, we have a reason for everything. If a black cat crosses your path, it is said not to be an auspicious symbol because breaking a mirror will bring you 7 years of bad luck. There are several others as well like such as twitching of left eye is inauspicious, removal of evil’s eye from dried chilies, adding one rupee to a gift sum, and sweeping after the sunset is forbidden. Only Indian superstitions will tell you that bird shit is actually beneficial for you. Right from the hazard of sitting under a Peepal tree or a Banyan tree at night or even sleeping with your head facing the north, superstitions can be found just about anywhere and everywhere- to your eating habits to even speaking about certain things! But what do these superstitions serve? From where they originated? And most importantly, what’s the reason behind them?

This article will take you through some of the Indian superstitions that you probably can’t miss.

Hanging lemon and 7 green chilies:

In India, you probably won’t visit any store or shop without the lemon and 7 chilies hanging outside them. Basically, there are two reasons behind this belief- one is traditional, and the other is scientific. Well, traditionally, it is believed that the God of misfortune, Alakshmi, brings bad luck to the shop owners, and as she likes a sour stuff, thus the lemon and chilies are hanged outside. While entering the shops, she takes her favorite food and satisfy her hunger and return back without actually entering the place. This way, the predicted misfortune is prevented. While on the other hand, according to scientists believe, in ancient times, there was no availability of pesticides, and shops were made out of muds, so there was a higher chance of pests attracting the place. Thus, the seven chilies method actually serves as an alternate for pesticides and prevents them from entering the shop.


If a black cat crosses your path, it’s a bad omen:

The black cat folklore has a variety of aspects. Depending on your proximity, it is believed whether the black cat will bring fortune or misfortune. Oddly, in European and Asian countries, if a black cat crosses a path, it is said that they bring bad luck along with them, maybe because it was believed that black cats were the alias of witches, and thus brings misfortune. Whereas in some parts of the world, if a black cat crosses a path, it is believed to bring luck with them; in some areas, the black cat is also considered a symbol of prosperity. Thus what this superstition serves to you highly depends upon the country you are living in.


Breaking a mirror will bring 7 years of misfortune:  

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the sweetest in the all?” while you fantasize mirrors like Disney princess or just take it as a casual thing- the mirror is indeed something both unique and central. It is also said to be men’s best companion. But do you know that breaking this companion can actually cost you 7 years of misfortune? Well, according to Indian superstitions, it can! But is it a mere tactic to save money or a crazy believe, let’s take a look. An ancient belief says that the mirror was considered a God’s weapon and thus was used in predicting or seeing the future; hence, breaking it can cost you a hell lot of misfortune! But the seven years came from the belief of seven birth concepts which says that a human soul will take birth 7 times and thus breaking a mirror causes odd effects on those seven births. It was the Romans who tagged this superstition, which soon spread to the other parts of the world. While on the other end, it is also believed that mirrors were very costly back then, thus to prevent it from using carelessly, it was said that breaking a mirror could cause 7 years of bad luck. This was a simple scare tactic.


Twitching of left eye is inauspicious:

So, in India, twitching of the right eye is actually good for you, whereas twitching of the left eye is inauspicious. At times, eye twitching can also be based on gender as well, so while left eye twitching is considered good for a woman, it might be a bad sign for a guy. While it is highly accepted that twitching of right eye may bring wealth, luck, or even a gold rush, twitching or left eye is a sign that bad luck is headed your way.

 Sweeping after the sunset is forbidden:

Yes! Sweeping after the sunset is forbidden in India. Basically, it is believed that sweeping at night may cause Goddess Lakshmi to move away. Which, according to Hinduism, it means sweeping away of all your jewelry and money as the Goddess is considered as the Goddess of wealth. This belief came to life when some people actually experienced their jewelry vanishing away, but just at the time of electricity cuts. So who the real culprit is fairly predictable! Sweeping at night is also forbidden because of a scientific cause a well. In ancient times, houses were made out of the mud. Thus sweeping creates a dusty environment, and sleeping in that environment can cause one serious health risk. So in order to prevent this, the scare tactic was once again in action!

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