Terror Cries of 9/11

9/11 attack

Four planes were high jacked by five al-Qaeda terrorists. The planes with a high amount of fuel storage were selected for hijacking. One of them hit the north tower of WTC at around 8:45 am. The second plane hits the south tower of WTC just a few minutes later. At 9:37 am third flight hit the Pentagon. A fourth flight, United Airlines Flight 93, crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, southeast of Pittsburgh, at 10:03 a.m. after the passengers fought the four hijackers. Plane’s initial destination was supposed to be the country’s capital or the white house, but through the bravery of passengers and crew, they managed to gamble over the hijackers and crashed the plane on an empty street in Pittsburg, killing all 44 passengers including crew and the hijackers. After the hit on both the towers of the world trade center, dust, smoke, and fire started throughout the building followed by multiple explosions. People struggled to live, horror and fear were everywhere around. The floors were burning inside and people couldn’t continue breathing. Many of those captured inside jump out of the window from 90 and above floors to escape the heat. This fact even becomes more traumatic to think about the horror inside that they choose to jump over from. Much left voice notes for their loved ones and many still weren’t ready to die. After 45 minutes of burning (south), the tower began to wreck and within minutes it turned out to be the mountain of debris. Later after struggling for 102 minutes, the north tower also collided. Almost 3000 people lost their lives that day including almost 400 firefighters along with several law workers and police officers. 6,000 people were injured. The attack left so much of carcinogens into the atmosphere that 3,000 out of them were later detected with cancer. 90 nations lost their citizens with the majority from the US, India, and Israel.

Heroic Survivor Stories

With so many casualties there were some miracle survivors as well who made it out alive of the massacre. But let’s take a look at some of the most heroic survivor stories. Many come in rumor forms like the one of ‘surfing man’. This man survived the collapse of the WTC tower with a broken ankle, few bruises and some scratches, nothing too dangerous. Many believed that the man fell from the 90th floor while others from above and so on. People believe that the man has survived down the wreckage only to land above the pile of debris.

There was a lady who was rescued on 12th September almost after 27 hours below the debris says that her initial rescuer is someone named ‘Paul’, who the man was, remained a mystery.

Then there were two officers who too were buried under the concrete were saved by a former marine officer ‘James’, who later disappeared. Here we focus on a much smaller group of people who either escaped or were rescued from Ground Zero after being trapped by the Towers’ falls. Just 20 people are known to fit this description. Four of those were trapped and rescued by Ground Zero workers. The rest found their way out of that scene of incomprehensible destruction. All of their stories of survival are remarkable.

Pasquale Buzzelli was on the 64th floor in his office and decided to remain inside with his colleague thinking it would be safer only until they saw the other tower collide, they ran downwards through the only remained staircase. As they made to the 22nd floor their tower started to collide as well, he stood in the corner holding the shaking wall and within the moment everything went black. After three hours he regained his conscious only to know that he is still alive at the top of the concrete remains with the fractured leg. He was later rescued by the firefighters.

Another woman named Guzmen, also made it out alive as she was rescued more than 23 hours later of pain. Her leg was completely crushed and was surrounded by the corpses. Fourteen people, mostly firefighters from Ladder Company 6 and Engine 39, survived in the B stairwell of the North Tower and crawled to safety…. Janice was on the 83rd floor in her office in the north tower when she heard a bang from another tower and all that she could see was dusk, smoke and paper’s floating. As she ran down the corridor along with seven other people, her tower was hit by the plane and was at the edge of colliding. Miraculously this lady made it out on time and survived the attack.

The attack was termed deadliest in human history. It was horrific events that lead so many people losing their lives and many other living with diseases and trauma for all the years to come. And this is all due to one infection- terrorism. Terrorism is stemmed from hatred and detestation and results in destruction and desolation. You need to understand that problems are the part of lives, breaking down is another chunk of living and that; that does not define your identity. Choosing to kill just to seek justice somewhere you haven’t seen is as logic-less as sugar in the gravy. Nothing is mortal yet everything is impeccable.  

Today let’s take a pledge, that no matter what, we will wash the word terrorism from the world completely. And how to do so? Well, this has no rocket science all you can do is be kind, humble, and educated and more determined. The world where the youth stays away from such types of organizations, only then the shutters will be pulled down. We need to create a world that is deprived of hate and destruction but the bloomer for love and hope.


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