Dinosaur Scam,Dinosaur

The Dinosaur Scam- Movies Vs Reality

Dinosaurs, the largest creature to ever set foot on earth have been extinct for millions of years, even before the first prodigy of humans was created. Yet, it’s not hard to believe that we indeed co-live with the relatives of the great species. They first appeared during the Triassic period, between 243 and 233.23 million years ago, although the exact origin and timing of the evolution of dinosaurs is the subject of active research.

For a long time, we believed that Dinosaurs were a diverse group of reptiles of the clade Dinosauria. But do you know that the new studies suggest that they were in fact birds? For years, paleontologists believed that the only fossil link between birds and dinosaurs is archaeopteryx, a winged creature with teeth and long bony tails. And many predict that few birds are the result of the evolution of archaeopteryx. Archaeopteryx seemed to emerge fully-fledged with the characteristics of modern birds. And just like this, there are several odd facts about the extinct species. But the most important question remains-

What do real Dinosaurs really look like?

Movies are fantasy, we all know that, and though movies do try to integrate art with science, they are ultimately no science and thus do not reflect facts the way they exist. The same goes with the dinosaurs’ movies- be it then Jurassic world or Jurassic Park.  Though the movie did try to create the closest versions of dinosaurs using contemporary paleontological ideas, they were in all sense not the accurate description of dinosaurs. Fossil remains are evidence that many of these deadly creatures weren’t as deadly as they seem to be. For example, the T-rex and velociraptor never looked the way they do in movies. So, what do they actually look like? Because T-rex and velociraptors are the most famous, thanks to the movies- let’s study dinosaurs through them.

Dinosaur Scam,Dinosaur

As per the studies, there was a group of creatures known as dromaeosaurs which included animals such as Velociraptors. But these velociraptors do not resemble Owen Grady’s ‘Blue’, in fact, they were much smaller in size, almost as big as a chicken. This directly means that though being predators, velociraptors were half a human size. Also, the color of many dinosaurs was not the same as we know today. In most movies and magazines, the color of the dinosaurs is mostly, Grey, brown, or dark green just like the scaly skin of an alligator. Though we know that many predators have dark skin mostly to camouflage themselves, some dinosaurs were an exception.

Paleontologist Jack Horner, who worked as a science advisor for Jurassic Park told, that these dinosaurs were created by the director of the movie to make them look more dangerous and deadly when, in reality, most dinosaurs were colorful. Like, the Velociraptors, unlike those shown with the scaly skin in the movie, velociraptors had colorful feathers all over their skin, this is backed by the 2008 research on velociraptors in Mongolia. All the dinosaurs depicted in the movies do not resemble their actual counterparts, except one- Indominus Rex. Indominus Rex was a frictional dinosaur created through the crossbreeding of T- rex, and Velociraptors, which is why it was the accurate description.

In 1996, fossils remaining of Sinosauropteryx were discovered who was the first dinosaur found to have feathers. When studied, it was revealed that the feathers of Sinosauropteryx had melanin, which is responsible for color thus proving that actual dinosaurs were indeed colorful and not just pale. All the dromaeosaurs had colors including velociraptors. This dinosaur group is very closely related to birds because of their short arms and large brains.

Dinosaur Scam,Dinosaur

Now, coming to T-rex, the most dangerous of all, the super deadly and the king of Dinosaur movies, in actuality, was a Romeo. Yes, the T-rex, unlike those shown in the movies, was not as deadly as we know them. Modern scanning technology revealed that T- Rex had a huge brain and that is why they were sharp vision dinosaurs. But along with that, they were also love birds, and thus they are also known as ‘a sensitive lover’. Males and female rubbed their sensitive faces together as a prehistoric form of foreplay. They had tactile noses that were sensitive to touch. Surprised? Who would have thought that T-rexes were prehistoric perverts!

Additionally, the voices of dinosaurs were not the same as shown in movies. That rowdy roar was nothing but just the sound mix of a baby whale, elephants, rhinos, and other animals which in television industry is known as Dino Sound. Factually, dinosaurs were mostly silent and when they needed to communicate, they don’t roar instead they would use their jaws, rub their scales together, and swoosh their tails. In all the skeletons and fossils found of dinosaurs, it was revealed that most of them do not have a voice box, an organ responsible for voice. So, most probably dinosaurs were silent creatures. Though they do create noise through breathing, they mostly were silent.

Thus, it is very much evident that dinosaurs were not exactly how we know them today. Movies have presented a very different perspective about dinosaurs that do not reflect the way they were.

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