Kailash temple

The mystery of Kailash temple in Ellora

Kailash Temple or better known as Kailash temple in Ellora Caves, Maharashtra is one of the incredible attractions of the world. The Kailash temple is a part of a complex of cave temples found in the region. Here, there are over 30 caves temples and all of them are intricately carved out of a single rock in mid of a mountain. It holds huge crossways, shrines, and cloisters. The site is twice the size of the Parthenon in Athens. The temple is one of the oldest single-rock carving, multi-storeyed complexes in the world. It’s an absolute feat in engineering especially considering the time it was built in.

It’s a magnificent temple built out of a single rock by the Rastrakuta dynasty’s King Krishna 1 in 760 AD. It attracts tourists from all over the world to witness its extraordinary tremendous beauty. But with its exemplar beauty, the temple is also a site to mysterious sightings and puzzling theories.

Here are a few Mysterious Facts About Kailash Temple ‘World’s Oldest Single Rock Carving’

The Kailasha temple is thought to symbolize Mount Kailash, the Himalayan abode of Lord Shiva, and thus was painted with white paint, however over time its color faded, and what remains today is its original dusty color. It is one of the 34 caves found in the Ellora region of Maharashtra. The site also includes 12 Buddhist caves, 17 Hindu temples, and 5 Jain temples with beautiful figures and motifs.

Kailash temple

Labour and Logistics

Archeologists have determined that over the time of 20 years, the laborers scooped out 400,000 tons of rock. This directly means that workers engaged at the temple have to work for around 16 hours a day scooping out at least five tons of rock per hour. They threw the unused rocks and shaped the remaining with perfection. And as there was no electricity at that time, the laborers used mirrors to reflect the light inside the cave during work hours at dawn. Such a broad target is even impossible today.

More than 7,000 labors worked for around 150 years to carve the Kailasha Temple. It represents the sheer dedication of the workers and how much sacrifices they must have made to build such a grand cluster of temples.

Unique holes and passageways

In a way the holes are drilled in the caves is a subject of mystery even today. The holes suggest that someone of very small size, perhaps smaller than a human have drilled these holes in the complex. There are hundreds of shafts, narrow lanes, and holes in the temple that makes you wonder about the mystery that lies behind it.

In the Secret Doctrine by Madame H.P Blavatsky authored in 1888, she argues that the European scholars and archeologists are wrong about the caves at Ellora. It is the Brahmans who have better knowledge about these secret passageways in the temple. They have a better view of the narrow passageways, caverns, and labyrinths beneath the temple. And it is believed that these caves hide an underground super cave that possesses incredible ancient devices or extraterrestrial machines through which it was possible to carry out such a tremendous construction.

Kailash temple

Understanding of all religions

It is believed that Temple was carved out of the engineering and religious understanding of people of all religions. The entire construction involves ideals and skills of multiple religions and cultures including Buddhists and Jains. Even the Hindu kings contributed to the construction of the Kailasha Temple.

Each pillar at the site holds divine languages and patterns which are proof in itself about the diverse knowledge the makers had. Each pillar, sculpture, and statue comes with a definitive legacy that reveals a massive scale of the workforce used and their pious intentions behind it. The temple is carved from top to bottom that too out of a single solid rock, an unimaginable task to carry out even the modern technology of the 21st century.

Mythological story

As we know that the temple was built from top to bottom, the main question is why? Why didn’t the artists ascend horizontally? Well, the people of Maharashtra believe in the legend of the 10th century ‘Katha Kalpa Taru’. According to the legend, an 8th-century queen of the Rahtrakuta ruler, Elu ordered to build the temple. The king took ill and the queen prayed to Lord Shiva for a cure, in return, she promised to build a magnificent temple for the god all the while fasting. As expected her wish was fulfilled and thus began the mighty construction.

All the architects invited to build the temple said that it would take months to complete the construction, but by that time the queen would have died of starvation. It wasn’t until an architect named Kokasa from Paithan came up with the wondrous blu-print. And he suggested that the temple should be carved from top to bottom so that the queen seeing the top of the temple could break her fast within a few days.

Kailash temple

Involvement of Extra-terrestrial force

Many believe that the temple is made by the use of some kind of extraterrestrial machine. It was these devices that made possible the construction of tiny tunnels. People argue that there might be some stories in Hindu mythology that can provide answers to the unanswered questions and maybe some of them are true. Or could it be that extraterrestrials gave technology to our ancestors that they carved and build several wonders of the world including the Giza pyramids in Egypt?

Thus, it could happen that the site of Ellora Caves was one of the places in the world to have direct contact between outer space and our ancestors. Thus, nobody to date has understood how this temple was built as it clearly exhibits far more advanced technology than what we know people of India had hundreds of years ago.

The Kailash temple is certainly humanity’s greatest achievement in engineering.

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