The story of the Indian Illuminati ‘nine unknown men’

Indian Illuminati,nine unknown men

From several resources, it seems that the Illuminati, an elite group of influencers worked for the betterment of the world, for the good of humanity, and secular ideas. It all seems to be a cool thing, right? But whether this medieval group exists or not is highly disputable. Being at the top of the alleged secret society, the Illuminati definitely inspired several conspiracy theories. But this is just the story of the West, do you know about an Indian elite secret society? Also known as the Indian Illuminati, the story of Ashoka’s nine unknown men is as intriguing and mysterious. But before diving into our story, let’s take a look at the journey of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.

Who was Ashoka?

Ashoka- The great was the grandson of yet another robust leader Chandragupta Maurya in the Mauryan Dynasty. While the tale of Chandragupta is compounding stunning, the story of Ashoka was full of courage yet repugnance. During his tenure, he ruled almost the entire Indian subcontinent. The throne of the Mauryan Empire was just the beginning of Ashoka’s conquest and he continued defeating fellow kingdoms and thus occupying almost the entire Indian Subcontinent in just 8 years of his tenure. He brought 16 states under the Mauryan Empire covering the entire Indian peninsula.

It was a time when every Indian ruler wished to be regarded as ‘Chatravartin’- an ideal universal ruler, yet none was able to achieve this extraordinary honor. It was only after Ashoka conquered several regions, he thus was regarded as ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’. In the battle of Kalinga, when he stood above the blooded battlefield something completely altered his mind. It was the first time in his life where he had slaughtered masses and realized the tragedy of blood on his hands. He was disgusted at the atrocities he committed and the futility of the war. This was the life-changing moment of Ashoka’s life when he finally embraced Buddhism. And this where the story of the Indian Illuminati, Ashoka’s nine unknown men- finally kicked off.

Indian Illuminati- Ashoka’s Nine Unknown Men

With India’s rich historical legacies dating centuries back, our thirst for treasures of knowledge has always been a deep part of our culture. Indian Illuminati was thought to be India’s own version of a secret society that seems to possess treasures of knowledge but somehow the society has faded out of public view. According to the legend, the group was first formed thousands of years ago by Indian Emperor Ashoka (273 BC), after he embraced Buddhism. These nine men were placed as a guardian of the then scientific, philosophical, and political knowledge. Their identities were kept hidden in order to keep the treasure safe.

Indian Illuminati,nine unknown men

Ashoka, himself being the ruthless king during his initial years of reign knew that this knowledge if in the wrong hands might cause great damage to mankind. Thus these men were the protectors of these sacred books. It is believed that a total of nine ancient books was kept in their possession- one for each. Their mission is to keep them safe and add discoveries and treatments from time to time. If any one member of the society wishes to retire, he would first place a worthy successor in his position. Though the successors would change, the number shall always remain nine.  

These books of supreme knowledge were on different subjects ranging from time travel and propaganda to microbiology and psychological warfare. The subject includes Propaganda, Physiology, Microbiology, Communication, Gravity, Cosmology, light, Alchemy, and sociology. The book of propaganda includes the knowledge of psychological warfare, the techniques by which we can manipulate the opinion of the masses. It was considered one of the most dangerous books of all. The second book physiology dealt with the anatomy of the biology of the living being. It describes the crucial points in the human body where simply touching can lead the being to its death. It is believed that the leakage from this book led to the formation of martial arts and judo we know today. The third book microbiology included biotechnology and many say that the vaccine of cholera was discovered by the knowledge of the leaked information from the book itself.

Similarly, the book of communication dealt with the belief of alien existence and how to communicate with terrestrial and extra-terrestrial beings. The book of alchemy dealt with the transportation of metals. The book Gravity explains how to build an anti-gravity flying machine also known as ‘Vimana’. The rest of the books Cosmology, light, and sociology include the deeper secrets of their field. These nine men were instructed to leak information from time to time when the world is in the need of aid to help the human race to prosper. The secret society, preserved over generations, is believed to exist to date.

Perhaps, in a perfect way to disguise, Ashoka sent them to several different countries to spread the message of peace, so that the supreme knowledge of the books could not be concentrated within one place alone. The existence of the group is strongly supported by the legend that says that after the death of Ashoka, scientific and sociological advancements in the country saw a drastic decline. Funny enough, many argue that without the existence of favorable gadgets how Indian geniuses were able to calculate many modern constants accurately, for instance, the value of Pi!

The world first came to know about the existence of these nine men by Talbot Mundy’s book ‘The nine unknown men’ in 1923. According to Mundy, he tabloid all the information about the nine men when he was enlisted as an officer of British Police in India for five years. Many people argue that the group preserved for almost two thousand years came into his knowledge in only five years seems to be fishy. But his theory was supported by the 1960 Novel ‘The Morning of the Magicians’ by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, who supported a strong base to the Mundy’s theory. The duo claimed that Pope Silvester II has personally met the secret society. On his return from India, he bought several strange gadgets along with him which included a strange device like a computer that was capable of answering yes or no questions. This was pretty advanced technology during that time. But he died mysteriously when he tried to display these devices in the church.

Just like the western Illuminati, this group too is full of conspiracy and is believed to kill everyone who tries to expose their identities. Whether or not the group exists is highly debatable. If the legend is believed to be, they are like The Eternals, the secret superheroes quietly watching over us and ready to step in whenever in need.

The Romance With Number Nine

The number nine holds a special meaning in Indian culture and mythology. For instance, Nine influencers are attested in Indian astrology, in Vaisheshika there is a total of nine universal elements, Navratri is also celebrated for nine days, the word Navratan too is attached with number nine, while in Indian aesthetics, there are nine kinds of Rasa, and the list is endless. Indian fascination with the number nine is not of a kind.

Indian Illuminati,nine unknown men

In fact, the number nine is considered a good number in Chinese culture, and the name of the area known as Kowloon in Hong Kong literally means nine dragons. In ancient Egypt, the nine bows were the term used to represent enemies of Egypt. While in Norse mythology, the universe is divided into nine worlds and the number nine also finds its connection with Odin. There are nine circles of Hell in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Similarly, in Greek, Mesoamerican, Aztec, and Mayan mythology, the number nine holds a prominent place.  


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