These Strangers are Helping people from Ukraine flee to safety

In the light of the current affairs, one could only imagine the plight of Ukrainian people fleeing to safety leaving everything they own behind. Putin’s war is a nightmare for the Ukrainian people and Russia it may not seem to be a big problem.

Since Russia started its attack on Ukraine Thursday, 24 February, almost 1 million people have fled their homeland in a week. Many of them are escaping to nearby European countries such as Poland and Romania. Ukrainian sources said that over 2,000 civilians have died so far in combat between the two countries. One Indian student has also been killed in the shelling. President Zelenskyy has denied surrendering and has ditched his royal suits to arm up in army uniform- proudly presenting his patriotism. Along with the army, many Ukrainian people have also chosen to stay back and fight the invaders with everything they have.

True Act Of Kindness

Gut-wrenching visuals of Ukrainian cities being attacked are being shared everywhere on social media along with heartwarming gestures of kindness making people believe in humanity in wartimes. Many tales of resistance are being echoes where people from all nationalities and backgrounds are coming forward to help the refugees. Among many such stories, a video of a woman embracing a stranger who helped her children cross the border has gone viral.

On Saturday, a 58 years old woman Nataliya Ableyeva took a journey of a lifetime when she offered two unknown children a safe passage to Hungary border. The woman left behind her two children, one a nurse and another a soldier to stand with their country in times of crisis. She met a 38 years old man at Kamianets-Podilsky with her young son and a daughter. He couldn’t leave the country due to the rule that no man between 18 to 60 could leave the country. The man trusted Ableyeva with the safety of his kids and handed them to her in hope that they may reunite with their mother who was on her way from Italy.

He gave her his wife’s phone number and sadly bid goodbye to his children. Ableyeva took the children with her and safely led them to the border of Hungary where they reunited with their mother, Anna Semyuk. In a heart-warming video, the mother could be seen hugging her son and embracing Ableyeva tearfully. The video shows both women hugging and weeping. Though the woman has met her kid’s thanks to Ableyeva, we can only hope that she gets reunited with her husband again.

In another video, German nationals could be seen waiting for trains bringing Ukrainian refugees, they are holding signs displaying how many refugees they can take into their homes, a remarkable display of humanity.

In another incident, a German man named Tom Littledyke drove almost 1,000-mile from Dorset, Germany to help Ukrainian.  Tom with his 16-seater minibus full of supplies like food, medicine, and blanket along with her daughter drove almost 16 kilometers to the Poland border to help Ukrainian in times of crisis. The ex-Royal Marine made his decision after seeing the distressed images of broken families and children in Ukraine since the invasion.


In an interview with BBC, Tom said “he wanted to show refugees they were not alone and bring them a tinge of hope and warmth, there’s always something we can do.”

His help was accepted by Bulia Muhammed, a Ukrainian mother fleeing with her children. He provided several people with a safe passage to Germany.

Along with these stories, there are also several stories of resilience coming from the refugee camps where people are coming forward to help those people in despair. Many chefs together provide warm meals and locals help with warm clothes and shelters. Volunteers are also organizing transport where refugees can attend medical aid and process asylum papers.

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