Top haunted destinations to check out this winter!

Afraid of ghosts or got a soft heart? If yes, turn back right now. But to all the ghost freaks out there, if you are planning on to woo away your friend this winter break, then you jumped to the right place. Conundrum, unaccounted phenomena and spooky episodes never fail to grab our attention. Few of such episodes leads to a heck lot of new discoveries while others, turn into blood curdling ghostly tales. Here are few of the haunted destinations and there the stories behind them which are enough to give you a spine chilling experience this winter!


Kuldhara, Rajasthan:


Situated near the town of Jaisalmer, Kuldhara has been abandoned since 1825. It is known as an abandoned ghost village in Rajasthan. Only the remains of once a thriving and lively village can be traced in Kuldhara. But why so? As per a legend, the brutal Prince of Kuldhara fell in love with the chief’s only daughter and therefore, terrorized the villagers with heavy surtax if they fails to get them married. The poor villagers was left with no other choice, and thus suddenly disappeared one night. Where the go, where they are now? Remains a mystery. It is supposed that they cursed the village before leaving. Now Kuldhara is cool tourist destination, where people from across the country come to get the spooky ghost experience.

Route: the best way to get to the village is taking a taxi. On reaching Jaisalmer you can take a taxi to Kuldhara Village which is only 21 kilometers away from the city.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan:  

One cannot effort to miss a chance to Bhangarh fort! Bhangarh is rated on top in the top haunted places in India. There are so many scary stories linked to this place that the government has to restrict the entry in the fort after sunset. According to a legend, it is said that a dark sorcerer fell in love with the princess of the fort and cast a spell on one of her cosmetic product to make her reciprocate the love back to the magician. However the princess was clever and became suspicious about the deal. She threw away the product on a huge gravel. Affected by the dark magic, the stone gravel shattered the dark sorcerer to death. But before dying, he cursed the whole village and sealed its unfortunate fate. Since then the fort is abandoned and is believed to be cursed. Though, these ghostly tales bring out our darkest fears, people still choose to come and feel the experience. That is why the fort is a popular tourist destination now.

Route: The nearest airport to Bhangarh is the Santander airport in Jaipur which is at a distance of 56kms from the fort.

Dumas Beach, Surat:


Situated along the coast of Arabian Sea, Dumas Beach is said to be one of the most haunted place in Gujarat. The Dumas is famous for two things- one for its black sand and other for being spooky ghost town! It is widely believed that the Beach was once used as a Hindu burial ground. Due to this believe of the people, it is also said that the place is possessed by several haunting spirits that never left the area. Legend says that the existence of black sand is created because of the amount of ash created by burned dead bodies which got mixed with white sand of the beach and thus turned black in colour. Though being haunted, the beach is so beautiful that it attracts thousands or visitors each year.

Route: the best way to reach Dumas Beach is from Surat. The beach is only 20 km away from Surat city and it would only take half an hour to get there.

Mukesh Mills, Mumbai:

Mukesh mills might sound familiar to you, isn’t it? Jumma Chumma song in Hum to Varun Dhawan’s Jee Karda from Badlapur- all of them are shoot in the mills itself only. The mill was shut down because of the fire outbreaks and since the abandoned mill is used for Bollywood shootings. Though many directors and actors now are stepping back saying they don’t want to shoot here anymore because of the scary experiences they had at the place. The place is open for visitors and now many poetry sessions, wedding parties and cocktail dinners are organized in the premises.

Route: you can head to the place by directly boarding a taxi from Mumbai to Mukesh Mills, TCI Industries, NA Sawant Marg, near Colaba fire brigade, Colaba.

Sanjay Van, New Delhi:


Sanjay Van is a sprawling forest spread over an area of 443 acres. It is surrounded by mystifying trees and birds. There is also a graveyard located near Sanjay Van. These graves are found on the exact location of Qila Rai Pithora border, a city that was initially established in south Delhi. Apart from these graves, many mausoleums of Sufi saints are also found in the area. According to a legend, some people believe that the spirits actually resides inside these mausoleums and graves. The place becomes more haunted at night. Many people claims hearing either a child’s cry or clawing and scratching noises coming right from the grave. Another phenomena famous in Sanjay Van is the woman in white saree! Many a times this woman is seen walking in the middle of the road adjacent to the forest. She will either be waiting by the road or can be seen walking through the huge trees nearby.

Route: The forest is situated between Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli in Delhi. One can easily take a taxi or a bus to the destination!

So now, when you have a complete check list in your hands, what are you waiting for?

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