Top inspirational quotes from B-town masala movies!

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For the complete experience of colours, music, dreams and love what’s better than a Bollywood movie! B town movies can actually take you through the tour of fantasy and ecstasy. Flowers, romantic songs, slow motion action, loads of melodrama and of course Manish Malhotra’s magical wardrobe. And just like that comes the greatest names as Aishwarya Rai or Amitabh Bacchan. It gave us the all-time favorite Jodi’s such as Shahrukh and Kajol or Hema and Dharmendra. A dJ without Badshah’s songs or a wedding night without YJHD songs- is as incomplete as Hindi movies without an item song. While few movies are pure bliss for entertainment, there are another set of movies giving tons of inspiration and motivation. Below are some of the most inspirational quotes by masala movies than can actually move you just at the time when you needed it the most!

3 idiots:

Who haven’t seen this amazing movie of Aamir Khan? It’s a much watch for the all the students. The movie made centralized to engineering students actually brings out one of the most crucial aspect of Indian education system. These few dialogues from the movie is the one for you just in case you are feeling low.

“Ever since we were young, we believed that life was a race. If we didn’t run fast enough, we would be trampled and overtaken. Man, even to be born, we had to race 300 million sperm.” – Farhan.

3 idiots,inspirational quotes,bollywood movies,india,indianness

“Don’t study to be successful, study for self-efficiency. Don’t run after success, run after excellence and the success will be running behind you.” – Rancho.

“Knowledge is everywhere, you can take it from wherever possible.”- Rancho.

And this is the favourite one among all! “All Is Well” – Rancho and everyone in the movie.  

My name is Khan:

My name is Khan was the most inspirational movie ever made on racial discrimination. The protagonist played by super talented Shah Rukh Khan brings out of the most important factor this issue- Religion and Terrorism. These few dialogues by Rizwan Khan will give you goosebumps.

“Prayers should never depend upon the place or the people. It should depend only on your belief”- Rizwan Khan.

my name is khan,inspirational quotes,bollywood movies,india,indianness

“Remember one thing, son. There are only two kinds of people in this world. Good people who do good deeds. And bad people who do bad. That’s the only difference in human beings.”- Rizwan Khan.

Rang De Basanti:

Rang De Basanti inspired the youth to come forward and speak for what is right and rebel for what is wrong. The movie was made on youth, patriotism, friendship and pride for nation. These quotes from the movie will inspire you as well as motivate you to always stand for right.

“There are two ways to live life. First is let happen what is happening. Second- or take the responsibility to change it”

rang de basanti,inspirational quotes,bollywood movies,india,indianness

“No country is perfect. You have to work to make it one.”

Chak De India:

Yet another hit made by Shah Rukh Khan, Chak De India is all about team spirit, betrayal, bullying and winning! The movie is made on womanhood and patriotism.

“For making a team, strength isn’t needed. All you need is intention.”- Coach Kabir.

chak de india,inspirational quotes,bollywood movies,india,indianness

“I will only say that go and play like never before for these 17 minutes. Because in the life after this, whether things will be right or not, whether they will remain or not. But these 17 minutes is what nobody can take you from. Nobody.”- Coach Kabir.

Lunch box:

This movie of Irfan Khan is made on the concept of lunchbox. From giving you tons of humour the movie conveys one of the most important message of serendipity and self-efficiency. A one that impresses a viewer without impressing upon a viewer.

 “Sometimes the wrong train can take you to the right destination.”- Shaikh

lunch box,inspirational quotes,bollywood movies,india,indianness

“Life is strange. I think we forget things if we have no one to tell them to.”― Ritesh Joginder Batra


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