Unity & love amid Hindu-Muslim clashes at the capital!

Delhi Violence

The riots that broke out on the night of 24th February and lasted up to 27th February at the national capital took more than 39 lives and left hundreds injured. Properties, businesses, relatives, houses, wives, daughters, fathers and sons all were burnt up amid the Hindu Muslim clashes! But between the gruesome violence, hatred, bloodshed and chaos wasn’t the only epitome, the Delhi violence also showed us love, unity and brotherhood among the countrymen! Here are few instances that are giving us some major brotherhood goals.

Unity among Delhi Violence

Residents of Yamuna Vihar formed a human chain to ensure that school children are escorted safely amidst the Delhi violence. These people safely escorted school kids to their homes sound and alive. Scored took twitter hit the video and the footage was widely shared sending messages of love and unity among the ongoing hatred! People appreciated the act but also criticized police to be seen nowhere. However the important part is that- there is still love left for brotherhood.

This Is Yamuna Vihar in East Delhi.Locals form a human chain to escort school children to safety.#LoveHumanity #SayYesToLove#SayNoToHate #TrueIndianness

Posted by The Indianness on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Gurdwaras in certain parts of Delhi especially in East Delhi have opened their arms for Muslim and Hindu brothers who need shelter. The Sikh community never fails to impress us by showing up every time during the time of need. This time too they laid a perfect example for all the communities to learn from. The gurudwaras across the city are helping the Delhi violence victims by providing them with shelter, food and medical treatments.

As people struggled to save their lives, in Seelampur, the Dalit community blocked routes leading to Muslim neighborhoods and prevented the entry of rioters in their localities. Hindu’s and Sikh’s of the place vowed to protect their Muslim Brothers during the time of crises. They stood as guards outside the localities for hours to prevent any entry of hatred. This shows us how the violence wasn’t the story for all the people. Even the Muslims of Bajrangbali Mohalla were given shelter inside the temples by the locals of the area!

Things were taken more seriously in Lalita Park area. There also, Hindus and Sikhs went to their Muslim brothers’ homes and assured them of their safety. These people stood outside the Muslim residents for hours to block the entry of rioters. They told them that they are safe and they won’t let anyone hurt them. Such act of unity and bravery needs an applause from all of us! Twitter is getting overwhelmed by the videos shared and people are saying “this is India of love and peace”, and we couldn’t agree anymore.

The story of Delhi Violence we are now going to share is both overwhelming and heart wrenching. In this story we don’t really know what side we should focus on, but this one truly left us speechless. A local BJP ward councillor from Yamuna Vihar came forward to help a Muslim family and saved their house from being torched by a mob. According to the sources, the man was a friend of the Muslim family and when he heard about the attack he rushed to their rescue, however the councilor was able to save the family but was brutally injured during the act.

These are not the only stories, there were thousands others that left unnoticed among the chaos and hatred. These stories from round the city provided us with some of the most thrilling love tales we came to know so far. The Delhi violence that took everyone by shock isn’t just about anti CAA or Pro CAA, it was a religious violence that shouldn’t be happening as we have been already witness of several genocides so far. A secular nation that allows the freedom of ever religion should be harbored not destroyed! In the end we can only say that what happened was wrong but we are relieved that humanity isn’t lost!


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