Unknown love stories from the historical age

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India is a land of kings and queens. Until this day we have heirs of the royal families still being in power as the king and queens. We have heard tales about their bravery, warship and of course love stories. Many of them have been proven with accurate facts and have account in historian books but there lays many who are unrecognized till date and not many knows about them. Many are said to be a complete hoax- but who knows whether they are true or not!

Let’s take a look at some of the unexplored rulers of Indian history and their stories.

Chandragupta Maurya and his wife Princess Nandini:

Queen Chandra Nandini was considered a princess from the Nand clan of Nanda dynasty. If we look at history, Chandragupta has only two wives- Durdhara and Helena. Durdhara was his maternal cousin and thus many people refers her to as Nandini and but there are many who many don’t. But some popular cultures portray Durdhara as daughter of Dhanananda- thus giving her the name Nandini. Chanakya apparently used to add small amounts of poison to Chandragupta maurya’s food to make him immune to poison. One day Durdhara ate the food meant for Chandragupta maurya and collapsed. She was 9 months pregnant at that time with Chandragupta maurya’s son. Her son was saved by Chanakya however Durdhara died. It was after then when Chandragupta married Helena. But did Nandini really existed or not is a complete mystery because in no text did the name Nandini was ever mentioned.

Prithiviraj Chauhan and Samyogita:

Prithviraj Chauhan was an Indian king from the Chahamana dynasty. Princess Samyogita was the daughter of king of Kannauj- Jaichand, one of the biggest rival of Chahamana dynasty. But she and Prithviraj were deeply in love. Jaichand’s daughter Samyogita fell in love with Prithviraj after hearing about his heroic exploits. When the king found out about the affair, out of outrage he organized a Swayamvara for her daughter and invited several prince from the neighboring kingdoms but not Prithviraj. To disgust Prithviraj Chauhan, he constructed his statue. When the princess arrived, she put the garland around the statue of Prithvi and declared him as her husband. Prithviraj who was hiding behind the statue- took her and ran away, and that’s how the two got married. However, years later Prithviraj was killed by Mohammed Ghori and Samyogita out of grief performed Jauhar. Prithviraja Vijaya mentions that Prithviraj fell in love with the incarnation of an apsara Tilottama, although he had never seen this woman and was already married to other women. According to historian Dasharatha Sharma, this is probably a reference to Samyogita. However, this story is not mentioned in other historical texts.

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Nurjahan and Jahangir:

According to some legend it is said that Jahangir fell in love with Nur Jahan at the first sight when she was already married. And it was Jahangir who arranged the death of her husband in order to marry her. But out of disgust she refused to marry him for the next 6 years but eventually got infatuated by his love and consented to marry him. Whereas there is another legend which states that they met in a palace garden, which re-enforces the connection that Nur Jahan has to gardens in history. Everyone seems to agree that it was love at first sight. When they married, Nur Jahan was a thirty-five-year-old widow with a daughter. But which story is true is still not clear. One thing is very much clear that Nur Jahan was the most beloved wife of Jahangir and he gave her high level of powers. She even use to take care of the official matters as Jahangir was a heavy drinker. Some scholars believe that the true name of Nur Jahan was actually Anarkali and she is the same courtesan we heard about in the stories of Salim love affair (Salim was later named as Jahangir). However there is no record supporting the statement.

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Mumal and Mahendra:

The story of Mumal and Rano is most complicated historian love affair. The story is written on the borders of Rajasthan and Sindh. One day the king of Amarkot, Hameer Soomoro, along with his ministers, Rano Mahendhra singh sodho, Seenharro Dhamachanni and Daunro Bhatyanni went for hunting and crossed boundaries of their little country for an adventure. During the hunting these fellows found a man in a devastating condition. Asking about his situation, the man responded “it’s all because of kak princess” and explained to them that he is prince from the region of Kashmir and heard the legend of Momal’s beauty and charm and got so inspired that he pursued the adventure, but when he approached the area where Momal lived, he was not only overpowered by her enchanting beauty but also the tricks and schemes played by her sisters. They not only robbed him his wealth but also barely left him alive. Curious by the story, the four men decided to pursue this adventure as well. It was said that princess Momal has spread several fake illusion on the path towards the castle and whoever reach the castle unharmed will be chosen as her partner. Mahendra Rano was the only men in four who manage to reach the castle. Seeing his bravery, the princess readily accepted him. Rano and Momal kept meeting each other for a long time and their love story gained profundity of feelings from both sides. He use to travel daily all the way from Umerkot to Ludhruva to meet the princess. Once Rano was unable to reach Kak, so Momal, out of passion and extreme love for her beloved, asked her sister Somal to wear clothes like the ones Rano used to wear and slept by her side. The moment Rano arrived, he mistook Somal as Momal’s lover and, in utter disgust, left the palace for Umerkot. On waking up Momal found that the prince mistook the situation, so she decided to go to Umerkot disguised as a man. On her arrival she easily found Rano. She asked for his forgiveness but Rano denied. Devastated by this, the princess jumped into the burning flames. When Rano came to learn about this, he followed her in the same flames and got consumed by the same. This story is recognized partially in historian texts as there is no mention of magic and illusions. Thus it is said that this story is partial fact and partial fiction.

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Amrapali and Bimbisara:

The story of Amrapali has many connotations. She was famous for her enchanting beauty and charming skills in Vaishali. Back at that time it was a custom that the most beautiful women, rather than marrying one man, has to dedicate themselves to the pleasure of many. And that is how Amrapali became a courtesan. She was widely recognized for her beauty and talent. The stories of her beauty soon reached the ears of Bimbisara, king of the hostile neighboring kingdom of Magadha. In order to get her, he attacked Vaishali and took refuge in Amrapali house. Soon the duo fell in love and on learning about the true identity of Bimbasara- Amrapali requested him to leave and cease the war. Bimbasara politely accepted her request and went away. Later she bore the son of Bimbasara, named Vimala Kondanna.

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Quli Qutub Shah and Rani Bhagmati:

Their tale is famous because during that time it was a ritual that royals can only marry royals and the cases where this custom was broken came in the limelight. Apart from the great Mughal emperor Akhbar who married a Rajput Princess, there lies another inter religious love story in the southern part of the country. One is the case of Rani Bhagmati. Rani Bhagmati, the Hindu queen of Muslim ruler Quli Qutb Shah, the Golconda Sultan of the erstwhile Qutb Shahi Dynasty was popular for her beauty and wisdom. When Quli Qubt Shah saw her for the first time, he was mesmerized by her beauty and name the city ‘Bhagyanagar’. Later when she married him and converted to Islam, she was named Hyder Mahal and so the city name changed into what it is called now- ‘Hyderabad’. Her existence is fairly denied by many of the historians as there is no real evidence supporting her existence. But according to the old records with the Royal families of Qutb Shahi, Bhagmati was not a fictional one. The true fact however is unclear.

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