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Vishwanathan Jayaraman- setting a new trend of Gandhigiri

What do you perceive by the word Gandhigiri? Fights, anger, burglary, thievery and wild languages? We are the living example of daily Gandhigiri. It is only related to things that impart a negative light. But what if we tell you about a man who redefined the meaning of Gadhigiri. About almost two decades back, Vishwanathan Jayaraman, an IIT graduate and a one who consider himself a true Gandhian, stumbled upon running to get over his habit of smoking. And after that there was no looking back. His story of motivation, will power and success will take you through the tour of an immense emblem of inspiration.

Vishwanathan Jayaraman from Chennai is the change you want to see. His journey started long back when he had a habit of smoking which soon took the shape of addiction. His struggled with 16 years of nicotine abuse and six unsuccessful attempts until he managed to cope at his seventh attempt finally. On 10th August 2000, to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, Vishwanathan took up running without realizing that this will become his ultimate Brahmastra (supernatural weapon). He had never smoked since then and had managed to run all the major marathons of the country which includes his 6 days run from Dandi to Sabarmati Ashram a total of 330 kilometers. From struggling to run 100 meters to running 32 kilometer every day, this old man proved that strong will can take you places.  He started by running half marathon distance in the year 2008 and then by 2013 he was running full marathons. Usually our day starts by 6 am but for him his day start by 1 am. He spins his own yarn in the Charkha from 1 to 3 in the morning (just like Gandhi did!). He twist around 300 meters of yarn every day. He runs from 3.30am to 7.30am. He runs barefoot and bare bodied. And he has been doing so since last 15 years. After running over a 100 marathons by 2013, he now runs for the joy of it only and has not been participating in any paid events or programs. By profession Jayaraman is a government servant and has been working as a Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts Officer in Indian Railways. Running barefoot was an expense saving step initially but later he got to know about Barefoot Ted who gave a talk on benefits of Barefoot running. And since then he has been running barefoot only. Running is a meditation for him and it keeps him going throughout the day. Maybe that’s why he has covered a tremendous distance of 130,680 kilometers by now!

Vishwanathan Jayaraman,marathon runner,india,indianness,gandhian

He lives with his wife and has a loving dog who he named as Biscuit. Running every day from the same route, Vishwanathan is a familiar face for the passerby’s as he smiles big while running. While many of us loosed hope in a situation like his there stays many who finds strength even in their weaknesses and Vishwanathan is one of them. According to him nothing is unachievable unless and until we have faith on ourselves and will in our heart. He believes that situations are not the culprit, our reaction to it is. When we start finding opportunities even in the places where it doesn’t exist, we can find a much greater meaning of life. An avid believer of Gandhi, Jayaraman has been a true role model for the people of Chennai and we hope that his story gets the attention it deserves and inspires billions of hearts across the country.      

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