Kali Yuga,end of humanity

What exactly happens at end of Kali Yuga?

One of the most interesting beings that ever-set foot on earth are indeed Humans. Humans could be found in almost every corner of the world, starting from Porsche cities to penetrating deep into the jungle, human footprints are everywhere. We have created a world on our terms, and we’ve been utilizing everybody for our greater good. Scientists believe that humans have left a permanent mark on the earth’s geological record.

Life is resilient and it persists anyway. Disparate doomsdays, from supernovae blasts and asteroid strikes to huge volcanic eruptions and sudden climate shifts- life has faced extinction several times in our history. Dinosaurs for example lived on this earth for more than 165 million years but perished overnight due to asteroid strikes. Our history bear witness to the countless mass extinction of most species on the earth.

Yet life remains.

If life is so reluctant, what would it take to kill it completely?

Well, humanity can be fragile, it’s not possible to annihilate it completely. But it is also true that nothing will prevail if the earth is destroyed. The existence of every life on the planet depends on the existence of the planet itself. Thus, no earth – no life.

Kali Yuga,end of humanity

Hindu mythology has four yugas or four timelines where life is divided. Satya Yuga lasts 5184 years. Treta Yuga lasts 3888 years. Dwapara Yuga lasts 2592 years. The last, Kali Yuga has already started and is expected to end soon.

Kali-yuga is the last Yuga of the Yuga cycle. It started at the twilight of 18 February 3102 BCE according to Surya Siddhanta, the exact time when Lord Krishna returned to its celestial abode. Hinduism believes that this Yuga is the evilest of all yugas. Only one leg of goddess Dharma remained- truth. The truth itself is heavily eroded in this era.

The last heir of Hastinapur after the war of Kurukshetra, king Parikshit managed to establish the four pillars of Dharma by banishing Kali. But Kali kept on asking him for a place to stay, and king Parikshit agreed for him to stay but in limited space. He petitioned him to gambling, drinking, prostitution, gold, and animal slaughter. He also warned everyone that whoever comes in contact with the above four desires will find himself surrounded by the negative effects of Kali.

Sadly, today’s era destroyed all four pillars of Dharma. Now Kali resides everywhere, and humans can be witnessed at their worst. Dramatically enough, the Kali-yuga let us ponder if it’s really the last age of time epoch!   

When life on earth will be close to extinction, undeniably chaos will break out. Human emotions will be on top, and one could witness how far humanity could go to survive. We are now living in an age where scientists are adding their voices and their evidence in support of end-of-the-world possibilities. Be it climate change or the sun getting hotter, life on earth is becoming more terrifying and brittle. Tragic things happen on an almost daily basis and are so unpredictable that no one can predict what tomorrow will bring.

There will be wars where a nation will stand against another on the foundation of greed, envy, or vengeance. And it is already happening, the 20th century was the most brutal and murderous in recorded history, so many wars and conflicts happened that more than three times people were slaughtered in all the wars by the end of the century. Another theory is of food shortage. Wait! What? Isn’t it already happening? Though food production has increased enormously in the last 30 years, the number of people gone bed hungry is also increasing. In developing countries, well over a billion people must live on an income of a dollar or less a day. The majority of the world population suffers from chronic hunger and every day more than 40,000 kids die of starvation.

New and old diseases will plague human life. More people will die from diseases and less from old age. Coronavirus is one such example of a disease that could kill millions in a blink of an eye. Similarly, diseases like malaria, cholera, and tuberculosis have increased in the recent decade.

Kali Yuga,end of humanity

According to myths or modern science, before life on earth ends many disastrous events will take place. The number of earthquakes, floods, and cyclones will increase. But even the advancement of technology has only slightly reduced the death toll. In unprecedented times like today, the number of natural disasters has increased enormously. Every day people die of these events and climate change has only added to its popularity. Available records show that earthquakes have claimed over two million lives since 1900.

These things are happening, aren’t they? This shows that we are already in the final years of extinction and these final years may not mean a year or two, it could go up to decades more, but the truth remains- the end has already begun.

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