What’s Your Indianness?

What is Your Indianness

What’s your Indianness?

Log kya kahenge– Is the biggest hype in India. Indian mentality is indeed something which differs from the whole world. May be because our thinking is mostly influenced by our culture and religion. Generation gap exist everywhere in the world and so the thinking pattern also differs. But here in India, that pattern is quite the same. One can’t argue that the young thinks differently and that can be proven by these few things that only exist in Indian mentality.

Yeh keyse kapde pehene hai?

The four inch gap between the sari and the blouse is considered traditional whereas the two inch gap between the jeans and shirt is considered shameful. Funny right? In India people judge by the way you dress yourself. Like a girl covered head to toe is considered a ‘good girl’ and the girl flaunting her body is labelled as a ‘bad girl’, and this is despite of the fact that the stats suggest that the girl wearing sari or suit are mostly raped. And then we say that short clothes invite men. Seriously? What kind of lust invite men towards babies? Ridiculous. We have seen people taunting girls and women wearing short clothes, parents stopping their daughter going out without ‘dupatta’ and husbands asking their wives to cover their head before heading out.

Ladka ladki kabhi dost nahi ban sakte!    

Ye dono pakka girlfriend boyfriend hi hoge”. In India, boys and girls are kept at a safe distance. Even in school there are different rows for boys and girls. We say we provide co-ed education but in reality do we? And apart from these if a girl and a boy are friends, then they are the subject of national gossip! They are questioned on their relationships. Friends- if of opposite genders are not considered friends in India. Even the people of this young age also bears the burden of these thoughts and most of the time the friendship is compromised either because of family restriction or the societal tantrums.

Engineer bno bahot scope hai:

Education is given priority in India- and it’s a good call. However the education system today has created several hype among the people. Like when in school- a hierarchy of streams are created; science is considered kings, commerce is considered ‘general’ and the humanities is ‘labour’. It’s like a caste system existing by a separate name. Parents including mine- force their kids to take science as they think that there are only two most reputable occupation in the world; that are- engineer or a doctor. Along with the education system, Indian mentality too needs reformation. We need to start thinking stereo-typically free. It’s no doubt that engineering bring scope but one can’t argue that humanities doesn’t have scope. Each stream and each occupation has its pros and cons and we can excel in whatever we do as long as we are passionate about it. Today the average income of an artist is more than that of an engineer. It’s all upon the talent and interest of an individual.

SEX-Shhh… keep quite!  

The word sex is a biggest taboo in India. One can’t say it openly, there need to be a hoard to barriers around you when you say the word SEX. Unfortunately sex is rooted with our character, if we discuss about it openly we will be labelled as shameless. Even if you are married- you are not allowed to say it in public-“yeh bas chaar diwaro ki baatein hai”. One could say- this makes Indians hypocrites? But here in India, the idea of sex is heavily associated with morality and most people still consider it to be a sin to have sex before marriage. Especially, the idea of being a virgin is most important. However, the boys are sometimes forced by their friends to loose virginity before marriage- and that’s not an issue with anyone. And then we have these uncle and aunties- who always needs something for a gossip, if not- they’ll create one. Married or unmarried, these aunties will always frown upon the idea of sex.

Ladki ka asli ghar uska sasural hota hai     

Since a girl is born- she is dictated with a never ending list of do’s and don’ts. What she has to wear, at what time she has to return home, with whom she is allowed to talk, how to sit, be polite, do work and what not? One out of them is “ladki ka asli ghar to uska sasural hota hai:”, which means that the literal home of hers is- her in laws home and her maternal home is not her home. In her father’s home she is called as “do din ki ladki” meaning- a tenant (girl) for few days. When she gets married she is called as “do din ki ayi ladki”, meaning a girl who just came. In all these chaos, a question is raised- what’s the true home for a women? Neither her father’s home is hers nor his husbands. If this is not partiality what else can be? And then we hear people bragging not to educate girl child. Why? Isn’t she allowed to live her life her own way? One should make it clear, very clear that a girl is not born to serve them for a lifetime. She is born to wear what she wants, she is born to talk rude and she is born to live fearless.

There’s an urgent need to modify the way we think. India is a developing country but if our mind set is not developed then I doubt that “developing” will any day become “developed”. People has to think free from taboos and stereotypes. A free India is better than Incredible India.


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