India’s first ever transgender university

Witness India’s first ever transgender university!

Country like India, where stereotypes and stigma forms the foundation of cultures, very less often we come across people who seems to be shattering them all. The case turns out to be more interesting when the talk is around the transgender community. It’s not like criticizing them in particular but people still finds it difficult to accept such differences. Be it the fault of our upbringing or a sense of superiority- discrimination is the least we do to such people. And among all such chaos a lady much likely the one from them only has taken an initiative to break down the stigma with the weapon of education. Yes! Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is all set to open India’s first transgender university in Uttar Pradesh! What lies inside that? Let’s check it out!

Unveil India’s first transgender university

The India’s first Transgender University for the Transgender people is all set to open in Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar District to make education available for the community. This India’s first Transgender University will facilitate its members to study right from class one to PG and even do research and get PhD degree! The university will be unveiled in Fazilnagar block of Kushinagar district, which is being made by the Akhil Bhartiya Kinnar Siksha Seva Trust which is All-India transgender education service trust. Whereas the initiative credit goes to renowned transgender women Laxmi NarayanTripathi of the Kinnar Akhara.   

“It is the first of its kind in the country where members of the transgender community will be able to get the education and the process of has already been initiated. From January 15 next year, two children who are brought up by the community members will get admission and from February and March other classes will start,” said the president of the trust Dr. Krishna Mohan Mishra.

Through India’s first Transgender University the members of transgender community will get an opportunity to get education that will help them became the new leaders of the country. The discrimination against them in India often makes it difficult for transgender o continue their schoolings and very less likely are able to get a degree. Thus opening a school specifically for them is an amazing initiative that needs an applause!

India’s first ever transgender university

The foundation stone of the school was laid las Sunday in presence of BJP MP Ramapati Ram Tripathi. India’s first Transgender University is widely praised the transgender community and also expressed their happiness.

“This will help the community members make a life beyond dancing at weddings. Such initiatives help them become self-reliant.” said Laxmi Narain Tripathi.

India’s first Transgender University if functioned well, will surely be proved a great asset for the transgender community. Through this university the very basic amenity they’ll get is an environment which will be free by discriminating eyes and unacceptable taunts. This way the education they receive will be much more effective! Three cheers to the Akhil Bhartiya Kinnar Siksha Seva Trust and of course to Laxmi Narain Tripathi who made the dreams of many turn into reality!   

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