Women- do you really know them?

Women do you really know them,types of women,india,indianness

There are no two alike women on the planet earth. Women are specular, different and unique in themselves. Even if a trait matches, no one- literally no one would actually admit to it. That’s how women are shaped- wearing makeup, high heels and skinny dresses that are glued to a nice skinny body. They can eccentric, unpredictable and particularly uncertain. So when every one of them are different then it becomes slightly easy for us to categorize them and when we did so it changed the way we thought about girlhood. So below are some of them, enjoy and do let us know if you really fit in.

The Fashionista:

There are these type of women who cannot go out without make up, high heels and whose no dress is unfamiliar to you yet you see them new each time, these type of women falls in the sub heading of a Fashionista. A fashionista is quite self-explanatory. These type of women are particularly attractive and beautiful. They have a perfect sense of dressing and always look like a pro! The girls whom other girls envy and whom boys dream to be with falls mostly into this category. They are shopaholic and can literally drain you out of money but can make you look like a millionaire as well. These type of women are considered to have high standards. There are several ideas about a fashionista- some says they follow all the trends others say that they set the trend, some say they are selfish, others might think them as extremely outgoing- so no doubt there are different ideas about being a fashionista.

Women do you really know them,types of women,india,indianness

The Nerd:  

Imagine a girl with messy hairs, eyes hid behind spectacles and face dig inside a book- bingo! That’s exactly the nerd one! These type of girls if compared to a food alike can be considered as porridge, because they are highly predictable and messy (most of the time). They are simple and shy. She have opinions to almost anything but be too shy to speak out, and she spends her free time reading novels and science. She doesn’t necessarily hate fashion, but she doesn’t give much attention towards it. They are always carrying a book along with them and can’t go out without a watch on their hands. Boys usually don’t prefer this type, as they find it hard to communicate with them, but if they do have a boyfriend- they might become a great supporter towards their career. They are decent and well mannered. So boys if you are looking for a girl less talkative yet supporting- go look out for The Nerd.

Women do you really know them,types of women,india,indianness

The Feminist:

The idea of a feminist is not new. Many of you would consider them as always complaining and ranting but being a feminist is nowhere bad, it’s just that people doesn’t perceive them correctly. They are proud of being a girl and are always working hard to level up the status of girls in the society. They are mostly a follower of old fashion and like to rock a ‘bindi’ with their western outfits. They are wonderful cook and finds pride in doing the household chores. They may be too sensitive but are bold enough to speak out. Boys may consider them ‘not their type’ but they are exactly what your kids will love to have a mom like.

Women do you really know them,types of women,india,indianness

The Tomboy:

Ripped jeans, short hairs, headphones on and literally no makeup- that’s what we call a tomboy. There are plenty of people out there who swear that this is a “phase” you “should have grown out of” by the time you were about 13 or 15 or whenever it is that all girls discover makeup. But the tomboy stays boyish even after they are all grown up. They are comfortable around boys rather than girls. Boys may find it hard to date but love to have a best friend like them. She is good at adventure and sports. The tomboy rarely dates anyone because the idea of ‘love’ is way too far from their preferred dreams. They are totally different from the regular girls you encounter every day.

Women do you really know them,types of women,india,indianness

The Dark-zoned:

These types of girls rarely talk with anyone. They are always deep in thoughts and worry a lot. They are attractive but doesn’t believe so. Their self-esteem is very low and always find secretively comparing themselves with other girls. Their head remain facing ground and not into the eyes. She is sensitive, and she is very sensitive with issues surrounding failure. She is good listener but doesn’t like sharing her problems with anyone else. Their boyfriend may really find them depressed, though in actual they are not. She needs a constant reminder that you love her and even if you tell her that you love her she may not believe it. She thinks a heck too negative and doesn’t appreciate herself.

The Happy kid:  

These girls are joyous, full of life and always thankful. You may find her smiling all the time, cracking jokes and making friends. She has a positive vibe around her and loves being and extrovert. She might fail at times but that doesn’t stress her out. These type of girls are sweet, cute and innocent. They are cute enough to make you laugh and mature enough to understand your problems. They can be sporty or extremely girlish but that doesn’t affects her behavior. She is sweetheart and your parents love her. They are kind and gentle- the perfect heroin for you. But at times they can scare the hell out of you as well. This is the type of girl you can spend the rest of your life with.

Women do you really know them,types of women,india,indianness

 The Playgirl:

A girl who can’t stay committed are whom you call a playgirl. She is a perfect girl- beautiful, attractive, bold and charming. She may catch your eyes at the first sight but may be too outgoing to stay committed. She is aware of the fact that people admire her so she takes your heart easily and dumps it more easily. She has a large friend circle with most of them being guy. She can break your heart so cleverly that you will end up blaming yourself for the breakup. She is dependent type and guys like it. So next time you are out dating, check for these traits and find your ideal type!    


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