107-Year-Old Mother of Trees – Saalumarada Thimmakka!


While our nation is growing in terms of technology, economically and progressing with the urbanization, but not very out of the millions think about taking the step for nature or giving back the courtesy to environment, not everyone understands the value of ecosystem the way this legend took the initiative to build a sustainable environment for the world and equally maintain the balance with the generous gift for the future generations.

Yes, this legend is a 107-year old environmentalist coming from Karnataka. Saalumarada Thimmakka has proved her duty for the environment, as per the counting stats, she has reportedly planted near about 8,000 trees in her life span of 80 years. She is well known for planting 400 Banyan trees on way of 400 kilometres stretched land between Hulikal and Kudur, and not like others she has been taking care of these trees like a mother, and that is the reason why is also known as the mother of nature.

Numerous people are always up with the excuses of age when it comes to taking a stand for the environment. Still, Thimmakka has proved them wrong by her actions, that age is not an obstacle to building a better and pollution-free environment and giving nature back what it has given us, and period can never be counted as a barrier to help the environment.

The term of endearment used for her— Saalumarada—means rows of trees in Kannada.

For her excellent work and care for nature, she was awarded the Padma Shri not long ago – an event where she connected and favoured President Ram Nath Kovind. Ms Thimmakka and her late spouse planted many trees along the parkway close to their home in Ramanagara locale. Those trees, 70 years of age currently, remain steadfast. Ms Thimmakka energetically opposed designs to chop them down for street broadening in 2019. She as of late visited a Bengaluru school where she commended her birthday with the understudies and obviously – planted a sapling which she favoured.

She is possibly the worlds oldest yet the best environmentalist. Where many only think about the concept, she with her late husband took their first initiative by planting saplings along the stretch of roadway near her home.

Destined to a family without implies, she was unable to go to class, so Thimmakka began filling in as a worker at ten years old. She was later hitched to Bekal Chikkayya, who also hailed from an unobtrusive foundation.

The couple confronted corresponds and odd comments for not ready to have youngsters, however, her better half was amazingly strong of her. As indicated by the Thimmakka Foundation site, Thimmakka says that one day she and her better half thought of planting trees and thinking about them like their youngsters.

In 1996 when Thimmakka’s story was broken by nearby columnist N V Negalur, the then PM, HD Deve Gowda paid heed. “Before long, Thimmakka wound up on a train to far off New Delhi, joined by an entourage of mandarins. In India’s capital, the head administrator gave her the National Citizens Award, an occasion that changed her life always,” he composed. She set up the Saalumarada Thimmakka Foundation from that point forward, the activities of which are going by her cultivate child, Umesh B. N.

In one of her interview, she mentioned that, around then, there was no incentive for me, no excuse for my trees. My better half had been dead for a long time. At that point, this kid came and demonstrated me in his course book, that they were calling me Saalumarada Thimmakka!”

As indicated by the foundation’s site, “Having led a functioning life as an energetic earthy person and an eternal admirer of nature, Saalumarada Thimmakka still treasures the fantasy about planting more trees in future. The hugeness of her enthusiasm and certainty must be recognized and regarded.”

Thimmakka is a beneficiary of more than 50 honours for her commitments to nature, including the National Citizens Award (1996) and the Godfrey Phillips Award (2006).


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