12 year old- one mind, several inventions

Bodhisatva Ganesh Khanderao,magic socks,suvidha brush,seed balls,india,indianness

The 12-year-old Bodhisatva Ganesh Khanderao from Maharashtra is once again in limelight- but for another reason. In 2014, with his innovative idea of seed balls have already gained him a lot of social praise. He was awarded with several accolades and awards from across the nation. For your information, it is an adapted version of Kenya invention of seed balls to promote plantation in the country. But this Indian version has a different taste in it- The Magic socks. What do you do with your old and torn socks? Either throw it into dustbin or burn it. But this kid has come up with an effortless technique of reutilizing your old socks. What you need to do is to just put some seeds into your old torn socks or in the cotton cloth and fold it. If possible add some dried cow dung, soil or rotten leaves on it and your Magic Socks are ready for plantation. He has been imparting his knowledge and innovation round the country by visiting several school and colleges. The idea came, when Bodhisatva went to see strawberry farming with his mother, there he saw a farmer growing strawberry on sponge and manure and from here generated his curiosity of experimenting something different. He showed his experiment as a presentation in his school assembly and that’s how he gained momentum to exchange his idea with other as well. The Magic Socks was one of an experiment turned into a brilliant innovation!


The young kid is full of talent and his keen intellect and curiosity has once again led him towards his way of creating something new. This year Bodhisatva Ganesh Khanderao is out with his new innovation-Suvidha Brush Slippers. Well, no this isn’t anything like flying slippers or boosting your regular walks into a marathon but a simple science to make household chores easy for the people suffering from back pain. The young boy has seen his mother who is a patient of spondylosis struggling to clean floors daily and to relieve her from this struggle, Bodhitsatva was continuously trying to brainstorm new ideas. And one day that idea hit him. The Suvidha brush is actually a slipper with a bathroom cleaning brush fitted to it sole. It is specifically designed for individuals who suffer from backaches, arthritis, spondylosis, spinal disorders, obesity etc. and bend down to clean floors. At first he attached a brush on the cycle tyre sole and gave it to his mother, much to her surprise the idea worked and later he attached the brush on the sole of the slippers. One interesting thing about the slipper is that there is no chance of slipping even if you are working with soaps and detergents. The cost of making is also as impressive as it will only cost Rs.35 to your pockets! Thus, the name ‘Suvidha Brush’, actually bring Suvidha to the consumers. 

“It might take a few days for a new user to get a proper grip on the product, but once one starts using, they will surely feel the benefit,” says his mother Amruta in a report by The Better India.         

Bodhisatva Ganesh Khanderao,suvidha brush,magic socks,young inventor,india,indiannes

The young environment activist is inspiring people to love the nature and stop cutting down trees. He has been telling people about the importance of environment and educating them how to make best of out of waste. Bodhisatva has been awarded by the District Collector, Guardian Minister, Central Home Minister, Revenue Minister, and others, and interviewed by national news channels, All India Radio, Pune and many other news broadcasting media. The little master has already masterstroke his Seed Ball Movement by thousands of people following him. Now he is focusing upon his another innovation of fully functional car model.


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